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by:TONDA     2020-05-20
Core tip: winter is coming, warm became a quilt the preferred conditions. But in the face of so many kinds of winter is, hard to avoid is in a dilemma. How to choose suits own quilt, comfortably sleep a good sleep, is closely related to health. Quality and environmental protection of the cotton quilt is cotton fiber has certain strength and elasticity, heat preservation effect is good, return rate of 7%, wet gas, moth-proofing fast absorption, non-toxic tasteless, is one of our traditional popular bedding, abandoned after can be natural degradation. When the quilt after long time use, easy to harden and therefore should be regularly to dry, but don't beat, otherwise affected by the cotton fiber fracture and warmth retention property. Note that the price is too low a quilt 'black heart cotton'. Wet gas absorption of protein is the main ingredient is wool, wool its hygroscopicity, elastic, permeability, flame retardancy and thermal insulation properties are better than that of cotton fiber, the microclimate inside the quilt can maintain skin fit around the body temperature and humidity, vacuuming, static electricity, and is known as 'air conditioning'. It is suitable for the elderly, and afraid of cold, weak, covered with sweat, but after moth-proofing the choose and buy, in addition to flavor, finalize the design, such as treatment of wool is better. If you want to wash, it is best dry-clean. Elegant and luxuriant silk by silk is made up of many kinds of amino acids, belong to the pure natural animal protein fiber, it is light, soft, smooth and fine as a whole, is known as 'fiber queen', at the same time, moisture absorption, antistatic, tickling feeling also have certain health benefits to human body skin. Among them, the tussah silk mulberry silk fineness of coarse, color is yellow, acid-proof, fluffy better sex. Silk quilt is suitable for old people, women, children and good family economic conditions. Good quality silk by selling price is higher, trademarks and should be paid attention to when buying, if you can open on the spot, should review the internal and external quality of wire tire are consistent. Silk by avoid stress, exposure, and using alkaline soap washing, and cannot coexist with camphor and other chemicals. Flexible sliding warm quilt of porous porous hollow fiber is one of the new differential fibre, its fiber cross section similar to the honeycomb briquet, bore hole number is divided into 5, 7, 9 holes, etc. Big hole more space and air flow can be stopped, so the heat preservation effect is better. This kind of fiber strength, higher elasticity and fluffy sex good, feel is smooth, and the weight is lighter, like duvets, but the price is moderate. Small thin porous cotton can directly use the washing machine washing, and are not afraid of pressure, easy to keep. This disadvantage is that the poor hygroscopicity, does not apply to chemical fiber allergies. It is more suitable for young people as a single or double. Warm light fluffy duvet down itself were multidimensional triangle skeleton structure, save the decency and not easy to flow, because of the suede containing fat composition and mutual adhesion, is lighter weight, higher volume in insulation materials, heat preservation performance is good, the moisture absorption perspiration comprehensive effect is good. It to the human body organs without oppressive feeling, particularly suitable for the elderly, pregnant women, children use. Should choose when buying the product with high downcontent, stopped by material had better choose high count and density, not drill pile fabrics, especially the quilting not mixing pile. Allergic to feather powder is careful, had better be dry-cleaned. The multi-function of nerves care was in the womb fiber adding some functional materials, has certain health care function. The antibacterial anti mite processing, for example, is good for skin care; Join can strengthen generates negative ions and far infrared powder or magnetic materials, can improve the microcirculation, promoting metabolism, accelerate to eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength. This function is suitable for elderly, neurasthenia, and people and athletes, such as poor quality of sleep, but its functionality is different from person to person, the expectations too much.
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