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Quilts processing plants: the choose and buy of cashmere was and maintenance - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-05
This two days in shijiazhuang weather straight down, as if returned to the winter. Said the characteristics of the quilt quilt plant small make up today! Today, spinning le home textiles introduce recent winter for you is to be bestowed favor on newly - — Cashmere is the choose and buy and maintenance. When the choose and buy, it is recommended that you use the most simple way to get off a little wool, through opening visibility: first, to see the color of the wool. Not as white as possible, authentic nine months in Australia lamb fur is rice white, if is too white, illustrate the wool quality is not very good, decontamination to more complex program, is likely to have damage to the surface proteins. Second, depends on the length of the fiber thickness. According to the international wool bureau certification rules, general 2 ~ 3 inches in length, fineness of 28 ~ 32 microns in wool is the most suitable for wool, too thin too thick is bad. With good colour and lustre and resilience. Third, the package material. Outer cloth must be able to is coated ( Similar to the light curtain) So that it is likely to be inside wool grease rate, impurity removing all don't pass, with outer layer to prevent leakage. With nose smell: the smell of the wool was, after carbonization, cleaning, carding the wool will not have any smell, including sheep shan. With the hand touch: touch the softness of cloth, if the quilt hard or brittle hair, may be a sponge or coating fabric, such poor quilt comfort and likely to formaldehyde to exceed bid. The spinning le home textiles acura cashmere was cashmere is washing wool is generally do not need to be cleaned. Such as stained with dirt to determine when cleaning, please send dry cleaner with dry cleaning fine washing or dry cleaning. Cashmere is the maintenance of a. The maintenance of 1 in the process of use. From the packaging, in the air 2 - Yang 3 hours, and pat the quilt, quilt will restore elasticity. 2. Please add quilt cover and housing, and interval of a week or so in the sunny time to dry. At 10:00 am to 3 PM shade is the best, and the air is 2 hours. 2. After use, maintenance of 1. Deposit before, in the sunny air 4 - 5 hours, wait for the quilt cool again after folding. 2. The 2 - 3 solids to pest control, such as wool, the coat after a plastic bags sealing, please placed in a dry place. 3. The quilt, when stored in the weight of avoid by all means.
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