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Quilts processing plants: the more holes on warmth retention property is better? - - - - - - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-15
Porous fiber are commonly used to a kind of warm bed is tasted, because of its fiber containing space inside, under the condition of the air does not flow effectively retain heat, good warmth retention property is generally favor by consumers, porous fiber is to take this into the tens of millions of users family, over time consumers also had certain understanding to it. Many porous fiber was when consumer choose and buy, 'the quilt is hole' is will ask the question, inadvertently was brought into a myth, think that the number of holes chemical fiber is, the more the better the quality. Assess the stand or fall of a porous fiber was, in fact, the key is not in a hole, and through the calculation of the void fraction. Image interpretation: we will fiber amplifier to log size, when we drill holes on the log cross section, if drill a punch, then the void fraction of the logs will be very big. But when we drill more than ten equal the size of the hole, in order to keep each hole wall of hole, the hole wall thickness will be relatively small, the void ratio as a hole instead. So said: when a few businessmen fiber how many holes, bragging about their product does not represent the warmth retention property of this product is better, porous fiber home textiles, consumers in the choose and buy must void fraction discretion as the main measure of the!
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