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by:TONDA     2020-04-06
A third of one's life time is spent on the bed, so the bedding is closely related to people's life, for the newly married couple more nots allow to ignore. Lynn Lang of goods on the market at present is often can make a person dazzling, do not know how to start, so how do you select is both comfortable and economical bedding? Don't worry, treasure him home textiles unriddling for you one by one. 1. Many different kinds of bedding: bed, a man might bed, spring bed, sofa bed, bamboo bed, sleeping, etc. The bed height should be slightly higher than the height of the knee to the ground it is advisable to bed. Difficulty is too high, up and down, it's not convenient to use; Too low, poor ventilation, easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, and bent down to also not convenient. Talking about the size of the bed of the hard and soft, young people who have just married, not slept in a soft bed, had better be to three layers of mattress pad on board, is advantageous to the sleep hygiene. 2. Mattress, the mattress materials with straw, common market rushes, silk, cotton, sponge and latex sponge, etc. General requirements mattresses have the performance such as moisture absorption, heat preservation, non-toxic, texture and soft, elastic, lay moderate, beneficial to health. Recent popular polyurethane foam mattress, with bright color, elegant, and qualitative light, soft, good elasticity, heat insulation, and ventilation, dust absorption, oil absorption, bibulous, alkali resistance, acid and other characteristics, especially favored by the couple. 3. Bed linens, want to combine the design of bed when the choose and buy. If simmons bed, be about to choose the big size of the western style sheets, pattern with omnidirectional scattering flowers or four successive flowers design as well. If it is both sides have the bed of the head of a bed, and one side empty, one side is placed against the wall, just choose the Chinese style sheets. Newlyweds prefer to form a complete set of bedding, except a sheet, a long pillow, two delicate soft pillow, and a rich and elegant bedspread. It is the life of the modern indoor textile decoration, can keep out dust, and can create bright and soft art atmosphere. From the aesthetic point of view, room whole bed linens you have to choose from the overall layout of the bedroom and attune to consider, as far as possible, and furniture, tent curtain, curtain, antependium of colour and style is consistent, which is embodied in harmony. From the point of view of quality of a material, had better choose hygroscopicity good cotton goods, followed by WeiMianBu, are soft and comfortable. Sheet shoulds not be too thick, as thick as uncomfortable rough feeling, when catharsis is very difficult. Too loose or unfavorable choose, to prevent the perforation of the dust by fabric deposition on the mattress. At present western popular bedding fabric generally one hundred percent of cotton, containing forty percent or sixty percent of the cotton. 4. Bedding: sheets is a daily necessities, and an ornament. Some people like gorgeous, also somebody likes to quietly elegant. Married with mostly silk bedding face, many varieties, mainly have three categories of jacquard, printing, embroidery. Jacquard bed blanket with colourful, feel soft and moist, and has very good heat preservation, moisture absorption and permeability. Printed quilt cover thick and smooth handle, textile, meticulous, good brightness, decorative pattern is distinct, line is clear, rich stereo feeling. Suzhou embroidery quilt cover and xiang embroidery quilt cover, mostly on the plain satin and thread embroidery embroidery by hand, delicate and elegant, rich and colorful, full of strong national characteristics. 5. With the pillow pillow: past tire is rice husk, buckwheat skin more, now many people like to use silk, feather, high rebound made of cotton, which has the function of health care materials pillow. Pillowcase also to choose cotton products, this is not easy to slide. Pillow the size of its thickness varies from person to person, can make double pillow, can make it rectangular, square can also make it. To novel styles, thickness should generally on the shoulder with the same width as well. 6. Bed decorations: in order to increase the brightness of the room and other furniture and bedroom adornment, bed decorations also has its unique charm. Cotton knitted accessories will be on the bed and sofa, table and chair on the braid set each other off becomes an interest, when the choice, the color should be close to the color of the sheet or bedspread, pure white fabric is suitable for all kinds of sheet or bedspread. Some people like to use all kinds of jewelry ornament is the head of a bed, pay attention to the fine rather than more, otherwise it will give a person a kind of mixed and disorderly feeling. Bed cushion for leaning on is both beautiful and practical, can be made into any shape, decoration above all sorts of lively design, give a person with strong life breath.
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