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by:TONDA     2020-05-17
We use everyday a lot of white is the color of the quilt and pillow core, but after a period of time used white quilts & comforters and pillows will be yellow, or is the macula. There are also some white clothes to wear for a long time also can be yellow, this is how to return a responsibility? Continue to affect beautiful, threw a waste, is there any solution? Sleep, sweat, etc from the body contains organic ingredients, such as protein ( Precipitation has been modified) , fat, etc. , these ingredients stick on the fabric, the deposition in the cracks in the fabric, accumulated for a long time, will naturally make a quilt pillow became pale yellow. Clothes will become yellow, mostly caused by weak fluorescence agent, want to restore sparkling white clothes, you have to try. First mendale quality micro hall suggest that we do not use 84,84 is oxidation bleaching, can make the dress the upper carbonized organic matter such as oil, it will destroy the clothes fiber components. Some simple ways to help you. Meters water + orange peel is simple and effective: keep washing rice water or the orange peel into the pot cooked in water, the yellow on the pillowcase of the rubbing can easily to restore its pure white. Not only simple, also don't like the fluorescent whitening agent selling market will cause side effects to the skin without harming the fabric, the good method that is worth a try. The yellow sweat stains, ammonia removal: produced by the sweat be soiled, because contain fat sweat, easy condensation inside the cloth fiber, when washing so add 2 tablespoons of ammonia, soak a few minutes later, scrub, and then use clean water, according to general procedures, can remove yellow sweat! You can also try the milk!
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