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Quilts processing plants to teach you to identify the fabric composition of simple and easy method Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-17
One is sensory recognition method: sensory method needs certain experience, but also it is not hard to do, as long as when shopping at ordinary times deliberately to touch all kinds of fabrics, over time there will be a harvest. From the following four aspects: can separate fiber rough hand feeling: soft silk, rayon, nylon. Heavy volume, lighter than silk is nylon, acrylic, polypropylene; Is heavier than the silk cotton, linen, viscose, polynosic; Is similar to silk weight whalen, wool, cellulose acetate, polyester. Strong degree: stretching to break with the hand, strength is weaker stick glue, cellulose acetate, hairs; Strong is silk, cotton, linen, synthetic fiber, etc. ; After wet strength is significantly lower protein fiber, viscose, copper ammonia. Elongation: filling by hand feeling when tensile elongation larger MAO, cellulose acetate; Smaller is cotton, hemp; Modest is silk, rayon, most rich fiber and synthetic fiber. By the shooting method to identify real silk and rayon silk feel soft, elastic, gently rub silk chirp, cool sense; And rayon handle is hard, and have cold feeling. Low silk luster is soft, bright but not dazzling; Rayon of similar metal luster. Second-ranking clutch fabric and then let go, relatively less rayon silk drape. The water droplets on the fabric, with the hand rub rayon is easy broken, silk is relatively strong. Through the sensory characteristics of the difference between various name feel characteristics of cotton fiber fiber fine soft, elasticity is small, easy to wrinkled. Hemp feel is hard, often have defect. Silk luster, soft and light, knead catch rustling sound, have a cool feeling. Wool elastic, soft luster, feel warm, is not easy to wrinkle. Polyester fiber has good elasticity, smooth, strength, softness, have a cool feeling. Nylon is not easy to break, elastic, smooth, lightweight, soft as silk. Whalen approximate cotton, dark luster, soft as cotton, resilience is not good, easy to wrinkle. Acrylic warmth retention property good, strength, lighter than cotton, there are soft and fluffy. Viscose fiber is softer than cotton, the surface gloss is better than cotton, but poor fastness. 2 it is sign recognition method: the limitations of sensory method is rougher, but also is not wide, applicable for synthetic fiber and blended fabric. For some reputable mall or underwear brand, can be directly by identifying sign to distinguish the fabric content. These signs only by inspection of home textiles quality inspection institutions can hang, have very strong authority. Usually this sign on two contents, one is the name of the fiber, the other is the content of fiber ( Usually expressed as a percentage) 。 Sometimes you'll find the sign on the name of the fiber is in English, seem to be very difficult.
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