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by:TONDA     2020-04-09
Have a friend to the store yesterday, said how real silk fabrics washed? Have a headache. Today, spinning home textiles small make up through a lot of information search, finally found some valuable Suggestions for everyone, let's together and see it. Wash silk 7 should not be unfavorable washing machine, unfavorable alkaline soap ( Use neutral detergent) High temperature, unfavorable ( In the low temperature for 15 ~ 20 minutes) , should not be not forcibly knead, twist dry ( Squeeze to water after wash) , should not be unfavorable hot iron, iron directly. Silk washing tips to prevent silk harden: wash for the first time, according to 0 per meter. 2 g ratio after shake put salt into the cold water, gently put fabric in soak 10 ~ 15 minutes, can prevent the fabric to harden. Solid color: silk to protect silk bright color and soft, can add a few drops of white vinegar in water rinse. Silk no-iron: silk dry fold flat plastic bags in a freezer for 12 hours after frozen, can wash and wear. Silk yellowing: bubble on the clean the water that clean out rice, to change water once a day, three days after the yellow can fade away, if there is a yellow perspiration, can wash wax gourd juice. Other washing tips clean white, white sox obstinate stains on the white clothes is very difficult to eradicate, this time to take a lemon slice put white clothes to soak in water, after boiling water wash after about 15 minutes. Washing clothes smell not when for drying clothes, sometimes there will be a smelly sweat acidity, white vinegar mixed with water, soak a taste of clothes for about five minutes, and then put the clothes to dry in ventilated place can!
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