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by:TONDA     2020-04-26
Marriage is the most beautiful dream, in people life a person a lifetime marriage, wedding marriage bed is tasted choice is the most beautiful dress rehearsal. At the same time, wedding bedding is part of the brand, the most attention. purchasing wedding products exquisite embroidery, perfect color, delicate edges, let you feel the warmth and romance of endless apt. Here small make up for your navigation how to choose the wedding bed is tasted. 1, bedspread, bed cover is one of the important adornment bed. Into the bedroom is that it at first glance, it is the tone of the bedding. Because of bedspread is not close to the person's skin, not necessarily to cotton products, can choose dacron or poplin, these material is crisp, not wrinkle easily. Bedspread style had better to make room furniture color, style photograph humorous. Because it is a wedding, so might as well choose a few have a warm happy color. 2, bed sheets, bed sheets had better choose hygroscopicity good natural cotton, cotton fiber is also a good choice. Such sheets soft and comfortable. Dacron kind of polyester-cotton blended poor hygroscopicity, easy to produce static electricity, stained with dust, and to choose also choose polyester composition of lower. Sheet shoulds not be too thick too thick, because dust easily through the sheets of perforation deposition on the mattress. 3, quilt, quilt in the market now has all kinds of material, the difference between them is that the advantages of the duvet is warmth retention property good, and it has good hygroscopicity, perspire all over. Silk quilt is made from mulberry silk stuffing, because silkworm chemicals such as pesticides cannot be touched in the process of growth, silk quilt is considered the most environmentally friendly quilt; Wool ( Cashmere) Heat preservation, no doubt, and has the very good drapability, so close sex and intimacy are very good. Fibre is moderate price, but according to the four holes, 7 holes, nine holes, such as different specifications, the price also will be different. Fiber hole number, the more the warmth retention property, elasticity and permeability is better. 4, pillow: generally speaking, the pillow height in 9 centimeters advisable, also is equivalent to the height of the fist stand ( Recommendation: home textiles) 。 Such as buckwheat skin easily adjustable pillow core content as well. Loading to loose, so as to adjust the pillow sleep. Position, make pillow after occipital lower neck is high, the contact area with enlarged neck pillow, and keep the cervical vertebra physiological bending natural. Side, the adjustment should be set in the cervical spine is a pillow to keep the shoulder parallel degree. To match the cervical sleep in normal physiological conditions.
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