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Remind you buy bedding manufacturer don't misled by fancy name - bed is tasted Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-11
In department stores, supermarkets, all kinds of high-grade quilt to sell high-priced fierce concept, all sorts of seemingly 'multi-functional, high-tech' name, let consumer fog. Quilt now spend like so many, the price is too much. 'Around the mall in a big circle, we want to buy beds common winter by ms xie don't dare move. Store salesperson is very enthusiastic: 'now the quilt is' utility, price is the original you, but with more comfortable! 'Intense study of the structure of all kinds of' function ', ms xie found himself more confused. 'Infrared heat preservation' is the core is less than 5% is added in the fiber composition of infrared fiber; Marked with 'close skin beauty' is the core of it is the ordinary polyester fibers, fabric specification only vaguely written 'for soybean extract ingredients'. 'Polyester is the most common is the core component, about the style to sell in the supermarket is controlled yuan, the quilt to touch a little 'high-tech' concept is so expensive? 'Is more depressed is just from the Internet to buy a bed specials' silk quilt 'netizens' ice cotton '. 'Original price 900 yuan 360 yuan after the quilt on sale, the website didn't write a composition, buy home a look at the mark, it contains only 6% silk, the rest of the filler are polyester fiber. '' ice cotton post said,' this quilt smell is sour, can't cover, 'I suspect that is' dirty 'cotton. 'According to the national standard, only silk content can reach more than 50% of the quilt is called' silk ', so many businesses will hit 'silk quilt', 'silk duvet', 'wool silk by' ambiguous, such as name, take advantage of the loopholes in the laws and regulations. In addition, because of the tussah silk and mulberry silk price differs, the annotation '100% silk quilt is vague,' price is dubious. Buying tips in shopping malls, supermarkets to buy winter, must not be puzzled by the name of flowery, the component list directly see the quilt is the best choice. Fibre is, in general, is the choice of moderate performance-price ratio, but very easily electrostatic, collect dust, pay attention to the often drying or cleaning. Duvets are not suitable for people with asthma, allergies, bedclothes. Wool is very popular this year, but it's for curing the demand is higher, if you compare lazy do not buy, ill treatment of bugs.
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