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by:TONDA     2020-05-13
Change garments according to the now, there are some consumers will be in the winter, the spring silk by the choose and buy, but do you know how change garments according to the silk by the choose and buy? In the southern region, the annual average temperature in winter is more than 10 degrees, generally don't need very thick silk by, can choose silk silk by net weight at about 3 kg, 3 kg of silk by the equivalent of a bed, a bed 6 jins to cotton by 7 kg, porous silk from the empty can keep more air than cotton was so more to keep warm. In the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river, the lowest temperature in winter not less than 5 degrees below zero, generally need 2. 5 jins of mulberry silk is winter, of course, some people are afraid of the cold can also increase the weight. In the north usually have central heating in the winter, winter choose silk quilt can choose between 3-4 jins, enough for the winter. Is recommended in most of the time in the spring and autumn season 1. 5 jins of silk by, generally about 4 - this time 6 months, this time is the peak season silk by, is the best wedding season. Is hotter in summer in our country in central, general rarely used silk by, has huge market in the north, the north really hot time is not long, 1 kg of air conditioning is very popular, southern region open air conditioning, of course, consumers are also like air conditioning. What about exactly how to choose and buy of change garments according to the silk by, le home textiles co. , LTD. Shijiazhuang spinning production quilt under meet the characteristics of silk by, and people use to satisfy the different regions, the quilt is suitable for four seasons, both economical and practical, reserve collection is convenient, and do not break its healthy, natural and precious quality. One was at home, the four seasons are available. Is actually two quilts, son is thin, the mother is thicker, can separate cover at ordinary times, cold 2 quilts can be together, surrounded by a lace-up, can easily put them into use in a quilt cover. It can save a bed be winter. Different areas can choose different weight, of course, for example the south can choose 1 catty + 3 jins this combination, to achieve the best effect. In the middle and the north can choose 2 jins + 3 kg weight, with the best effect in line with the use of the local habits.
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