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by:TONDA     2020-05-28
Core tip: although the curtain is a simple household items, but it also contains a lot of health knowledge. The real simple magazine article, and points out that the curtain selection and installation, helps to get a good night's sleep. Sub-health performance of a kind of insomnia, often haunt the sub-health population, correct selection and installation of curtain will help to get a good night's sleep. From the quality of a material, if you want to a private or cut off the light space, can choose the high density of fabric or a silver coating fabric. Its advantages are obvious: can prevent the fabric because of insolation metamorphism, prolong service life. Increase the weight of the curtain, make its stability is good; Shading of the dark environment helps to sleep quickly. If you want a super block effect, also can choose the curtain with a sandwich. If you want to put some light or just treat it as adornment, had better choose a little thin, easy to clean. Silk and velvet material can reveal the style of the 'official', but its only dry cleaning, cleaning up a trouble, synthetic fiber blended fabric and cotton satin is suitable for washing. In addition, cotton, wool blended fabric can bring elegant neat feeling. In terms of width, the width of the appropriate can prevent light gap came at the edge of the curtain. The overall width of the width of the window curtain cloth of 2 - 2. 5 times. If you're going to decorate it, without the need to pull a curtain, the curtain cloth width to window 1. Five times. From the installation location, according to different needs, there are two options, install the curtain over the window frame 10 - 15 centimeters, this kind of method can make 'the window is higher' the illusion of, but not too high, so as not to appear abrupt. Another method is the sash is more than 15 cm to each side of the curtain, the curtain rod of the U and the best choice, can effectively block the dead Angle, light against the windshield, and open the curtains, scored more sunshine, window also can appear bigger, fully staffed.
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