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by:TONDA     2020-04-16
July and August is the low season at home textiles business. As the weather turns cool, home textiles shop business will be getting better and be hot core products and home textiles bosses are the order of the emphasis on core products. The goods to the store, you boss know about whether our products are thoroughly? How do you sell in order to improve our sales? The small make up today to tell everyone about the home textile sales related questions and answers about the core. A, wool ( Down) 1, why heavy feather series of your product? Real feather products are more or less have some taste, this is an animal as determined by the nature of the feather itself. The industry are the same. But the reason we don't have to completely eliminate peculiar smell, because we need a lot of chemical composition, eliminate peculiar smell if chemicals added instead of too much is bad for the body, you say? If additional duvets, try not to wash after wash to dry not thoroughly is easy to cause bad breath, suggest the dry cleaning, had better not to wash, frequently change the bedding bag, air to dry more at ordinary times, can help to reduce the flavor of the feather itself. 2, wool was ( Duvet) How to maintain? Duvet and wool was washed, not frequent air is basked in, also do not insolate, because the high temperature can make the feathers and wool of oil change, produce the smell. Wool is dry clean only, drying in the sun, 30 minutes to an hour, can achieve sterilization, to the effect of moisture, cannot insolate, collection when put the insect repellents, don't stress. Duvet: 3 to 5 years to send dry cleaners dry cleaning. Before using and collecting, just dry in ventilated place for 1 hour, avoid direct sun. Avoid needles or sharp thorn, cutting and hot smoke. 3, fleece and duvet that a more suitable for our use? Duvet can make human body to maintain in a state of constant temperature, is not susceptible to the influence of the indoor temperature, it can absorb moisture 20% of moisture in the air, when sleep will not have the feeling of wet, duvet weight lightest, very suitable for the elderly, but it will appear drill wool phenomenon, respiratory organs sensitive person wasn't. Duvets, moreover, very durable, do not harden, deformation, can use 30 years or so. High elasticity of wool, soft, fluffy force is very strong, so when using without massiness and oppressive feeling. In addition, wool can be according to the different humidity of the outside world to a close, has excellent resistance to moisture permeability, for fear of cold, rheumatism patients, especially for high blood pressure and the elderly. In addition, the pure wool because, put wet absorption performance is strong, is also very suitable for low temperature regulation function, flow three times more than adults sweat baby. 4, customers in the brand product comparison, other assistants and customer said the wool hair time ( Spring, fall MAO MAO) You Ming super wool is spring or autumn MAO MAO? Can be taken from MAO time has three division: a. Spring, spring shearing wool, wool length, fine quality, at the bottom of pile, oil sweat is much, the quality is good. b。 Shearing wool (hairs, summer In some places) , short hair, good gloss, bottomless velvet. c。 Autumn, autumn shearing wool, short hair, good luster, bottomless velvet. We shearing, MAO Ming super generally USES spring quality better. Was is a sheep wool, wool may or goat hair, is a small wool or old wool is best? These two kinds of wool are all very good, goat hair is thick, generally not suitable for making a quilt, only cashmere, Angora wool ( Belongs to a kind of goats' hair) Suitable fillers for core, fine wool fineness, warmth retention property, hygroscopicity, handle, volume is very good, especially in cold resistance performance is extremely strong, stronger than wool, very suitable for people with severe rheumatism and arthritis symptoms, compared to sheep wool goat hair handle, volume, weight will be better, moisture absorption, heat preservation, breathable performance is good, suitable for a broader crowd. According to the age of the sheep and wool growing different areas are divided into different grades ( More complicated) In which the young sheep in the neck, legs, hair of the super best; Middle-aged and old sheep neck hair grade a is also very good. 6, your family of wool is coarser, not thin enough. Your opinion is very unique, have thick wool, is determined by its type, divided into mountain wool, sheep wool and camel wool wool. Among them, the goat hair is hard; Compared to sheep wool is the longest of the three kinds of wool, also more thick, but the volume and the softness is better; Camel wool is three kinds of wool in the most fine and soft wool, volume, feel very good. In addition we have is cashmere, cashmere fineness thin, hygroscopicity strong, cold resistance, excellent warmth retention property, texture soft, soft luster, has unique advantages of smooth hand-feel, known as 'soft gold', also is called diamond fiber. So a different type of wool is the thickness of wool itself is not the same, feel is also different. When choosing wool is one of the most important is the warmth retention property, hygroscopicity and fluffy.
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