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Salute Every Foreign Trader

Salute Every Foreign Trader


Post time: 2020-10-30

Source: Alibaba International

It can be online 24 hours a day, proficient in 18 different languages, and can serve for buyers at any time. It can also become a foreign trade master through learning, reply inquiries, guide and guide buyers, and professional words come from everywhere. Ava, the world's first cross-border trade virtual anchor, made its debut at the New Power of Foreign Trade Conference on October 28.

Zhang Kuo, general manager of Alibaba International, said: I believe that with the help of more and more merchants and grinding, baby can thrive and truly become a helper to help all foreign trade merchants to liberate their productivity.

Ava is a gift from the International Trade Station to young people with jet lag. With this gift, foreign trade companies can sleep when tired and not be bothered by jet lag and have robots do the work.

Since this year, the foreign trade industry staged a reversal drama, from the beginning of the year was mistaken for not, to now all the way forward behind the reversal of high energy, “jet lag youth's” efforts can not be,The so-called "jet lag youth" are those who have significant jet lag in working hours and daily life with ordinary people. Some of them are working overtime, some are doing their own things, and some are working normally, but essentially they want to have time freedom and live in their own time zone.


Youth natural is time difference between youth and their parents do business of foreign trade restrictions on time distance and different ideas, in the eyes of time of youth, it is can be broken, the span and the smoothing is different from their parents, they demand through data read all over the world, through advanced technology to establish their own barriers, through the credit system, digital meet didn't also can rest assured bold to do business.

In their eyes, the world can be smaller as time differences, distance differences and ideas are broken down, and their business will be bigger and the world smaller because technology breaks down barriers: time, distance, ideas, objective and subjective, are no longer insurmountable.

Business is bigger because the Internet opens up endless possibilities. Also means that the traditional foreign trade monopoly for large companies, now the new foreign trade, then benefit small and medium-sized enterprises.

As Zhang Kuo said, digital new foreign trade has changed young people's way of getting along with the world. Chinese businesses have customized luminous solar schoolbags to light up the desks of African primary school students in the dark.

The old mobility scooter in China has become a new toy for young people in Europe and America.

At the foot of the Himalayas, The Chinese tents help the warriors conquer the peaks to keep their strength in digital new foreign trade, opening up more unknown places, bringing surprises beyond business. Foreign trade is warm, foreign trade is interesting, and foreign trade is exciting and cool. Let's start a new digital foreign trade exploration journey together.

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