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by:TONDA     2020-05-14
Satin drill 4 times when spread out looks slippery, feels is slippery, give a person the feeling of cool and refreshing, many people fear the fabric will not warm in the winter, the warp and weft at least once every three root yarn to interweave, and satin weave fabric density higher, so the more thick fabric. Satin weave product costs are higher than the same kind of plain weave, twill weave products. Cloth cover smooth delicate, rich luster. Fabric satin fabric is satin weave fabrics, is a kind of fabric weaving process is relatively complex. Warp float on the surface of the fabric, so generally USES the combed yarn, there are very thin and 60 teams, also has a bit thick 30, gram in 100 - in general 200 g/m2 combed fabrics. Another stretch satin drill, the level is higher, because of its rich luster, and soft, the most unique product is made of pure cotton fabric, so is the first choice for high-grade trousers material or trench coat. Plain weave fabric with plain weave, The warp and weft once every other root yarn are intertwined) Woven fabric is plain fabric. More than plain denim fabric characteristic: mixed points, quality of a material is fast, pretty, surface smooth, positive and negative exterior effect is the same, plain fabric density impossible too high, relatively thin, has good air permeability. Count in the 30 or so, slightly lower density, fabric is prone to jump yarn defects, such as prices are low. But there are a few plain fabrics also belong to high-density fabric, high-grade embroidered fabrics are generally tabby fabrics. Twill fabric warp and weft at least once every two root yarn to interweave, use add warp/weft weaving point, change the fabric structure, collectively known as the twill fabric. Fabric features: there are positive and negative, the crossing point of a complete organization cycle, less floating line is longer, feel soft, organization fabric density is higher, the product is thick, stereo sense is stronger. Count has 30, 40 and 60. Twill fabrics classification: 40 twill printed fabrics, reactive printing fabrics. ( Some merchants called flower satin drill, to show high-grade fabrics, but in fact he does not belong to the satin fabric) Grinding, wool fabrics, satin fabric, fabric, silk cotton jacquard fabrics, satin printed fabrics, etc. Jacquard fabric weaving jacquard fabric with warp/weft organization change is beautiful case, fine yarn count, high requirements for raw cotton. Its monochromatic jacquard and multi-color jacquard taimei craft and difference, monochromatic jacquard for jacquard fabrics - — After good jacquard loom weaving jacquard fabric, and then to dyeing finishing, the fabric finished products for the pure color; Fabric width 2 m 5, slightly shrink pure cotton fabrics, not the ball, don't rub off. Alkali washing method 1, the fabric heat resistant performance is good, can use all kinds of detergent, can be washed by hand machine wash, but unfavorable chlorine bleaching. 2, white clothes available high temperature alkaline strong detergent washing, bleaching. 3, fabrics, soak time cannot too long, to avoid the fabric bleaching. 4, should be in order, avoid exposure, lest fade dark clothes, drying in the sun, inside out. 5, must be separated from other clothes washing, don't put together with the washing. 6, never dry, avoid the fabric wrinkling. Maintenance method 1, lingerie is soaked in hot water, lest appear yellow sweat stain. 2, pay attention to the ventilation, avoid fabric moisture, in order to avoid fabric moldy spots. 3, deep clean and dry, light color separation, it is best not to put together, put camphor ball, avoid bugs. 4, avoid long time exposure, lest reduce fastness and cause faded yellow, especially the sun. Satin jacquard four general outside is satin jacquard bedding bag, quilt cover and on the other side sheet part is made of pure cotton, is not you think it is any part of the whole 4 times are satin drill. Satin drill four seasons all can use. When buying, must choose carefully, don't be deceived by merchants. Also known as satin fabric, satin fabric is a kind of fabric weaving process is relatively complex. Satin fabric is made up of warp and weft, at least once every three root yarn to interweave density is 173 * 124 cm combed fabrics. Because of its good qualities as a 'tribute' tribute to the emperor. Fabric features: soft, smooth surface, good elasticity and permeability, fabrics more smooth and feel good, process.
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