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by:TONDA     2020-05-12
Draperies is our daily all want to contact the household articles for use, equivalent to intimates. A lot of people at the time of cleaning is cast draperies directly into the washing machine, and then take out to dry. This method can be thorough disinfection sterilization? Cleaning draperies sterilization needs three steps, you can do it? Most people wash draperies, net is in the washer to dry, then receive to dry. In fact, this is not necessarily can thoroughly destroy bacteria on the bed is tasted, sometimes for wash not clean, secondary pollution to health risk factors. Shijiazhuang quilt manufacturer recently finishing cleaning the sheets, quilt trilogy! Hope can help to friends! If you want to completely clean my bed is tasted disinfection, mainly has three steps: washing, drying, ironing. Washing: wash to soak for 15 minutes before bed is tasted, the water temperature is around 30 ℃, water before bed is tasted 10 centimeters, can be appropriately choose some laundry detergent has an antibacterial function. In addition, if not timely cleaning dirt and interlayer adhesion of scale from internal channel of the washing machine, washing agent free content, clothing fibers, etc, lead to a large number of bacteria in the washing machine, and bring to the human body through clothing. According to the survey, the inside groove of the washing machine in the mold detection rate is 60. 2%, coliform bacteria detection rate was 100%. So you should thoroughly clean once every two months washing machine: to add water to the high water level, add special cleaner, let the machine run 5 minutes to make cleaner is fully dissolved, shut off the power for 1 hour, wash the body according to the daily washing mode again. Sun: after washing the draperies do not put in dry indoor shade, best to get the sun to dry, using the sun's uv rays to inhibit bacterial growth. What need reminds is, it is better to change once every 4 hours; Before the sun had better flipped the draperies inside, can prevent fading caused by the sun was shining. Iron: receive best iron ironed before, can be ruled out in the process of washing and drying again not to remove or infected with germs. Ironing cotton bed sheet is the best temperature of 170 ℃, about 120 ℃, silk polyester fabric is about 130 ℃, linen fabric was below 100 ℃. Ironing reverse order is very hot, hot positive again. After ironing don't fold up immediately, to hang up, completely melted away after the tide heat can be in the cupboard. Shijiazhuang spinning textile is a company specializing in the production of bedding, home textiles processing, home textiles production. And to undertake all kinds of bedding suite, students bedding agent and so on. Welcome friends to come to consult in need.
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