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by:TONDA     2020-04-08
General cloth will after singeing mercerizing finishing process, it is not easy pilling, also not easy to fade, if not after this process, with the hand touch the fabric back and forth, will feel more rough, washed several times may be pilling. In addition, all cotton bedding softer, higher porosity also. Health and safety of bedding is the guarantee of high quality sleep, also is the foundation of a refined, sophisticated life. One of the ten famous brands in home textile violet home textiles insisted that each family to enjoy healthy and comfortable sleep environment. Selection of bedding, I choose, from the perspective of the health, and you? First of all, 'to' give priority to with pure cotton fabrics. Bedding, direct contact with the human body, it is better to choose the soft fabrics such as pure cotton, silk, the bedding, feel is good, the heat preservation performance is strong, also facilitate clean. Had better choose the green dye dyeing cotton high-density fabric, because natural cotton with human skin very good affinity, wet absorption gas well, safe, comfortable, no stimulation. Second, the pattern 'to' and decorate a style to match. The colour collocation of the bedding if with the surrounding environment, quality of a material performance, designs ingenious combination, can form protean adornment effect, when the choice to consider. In the coordination of moderate, collocation is proper, environment, you will be able to quickly into the beautiful dreams. Of course, cloth 'pin number is also a standard evaluation of bed is tasted. The more fabric knitting needle, said that the fabric is washable and durable. General number 200 bedding standard needle, but poor quality may be only 100 needle, in fact, with the naked eye can see that the fabric density, if compare with the hand area of the same quality of fabric, cloth 100 than 200 needle twice as heavy. Many people most concerned about is should be a pillow. What the pillow height soft hard pay attention to? First should be to have enough size, generally speaking, the length of the adult pillow should be between 50-70 cm, also should not be less than 30 cm width, height in 15-20 centimeters. Pillow height and flexibility is the key, according to the analysis, when person lie on your back, bend, about 3 cm in the most suitable, and cervical spine is too high or too low, too soft or too hard pillow, both affect morpheus quality, also affect the body healthy, but also cause and aggravate the hidden trouble of spinal disease. Select bed is tasted, I choose, from the perspective of the health of the pillow fillers with cotton, duck feather or buckwheat skin is more ideal. Currently on the market has a variety of pillow, buckwheat skin pillow USES the natural material, low price, but the washing is difficult, high hardness, easy to breed bacteria. Feather pillow is soft and durable, but difficult and washing some people allergic to feather. Latex breathable and comfortable, good elasticity, retainer force is strong, do not breed bacteria, but easy ageing. Washing is not convenient, general synthetic fibers and low price, but the tension is insufficient, not washing. And after the special craft processing high-quality fiber pillow, not only has a good degree of support and resilience, and machine washable and dry.
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