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by:TONDA     2020-04-22
Health care pillow is to point to have certain health care function, can rise to relieve nerves, tranquilize mind, protect the effect such as cervical health pillow. Today we invite home textile manufacturers to introduce the history, principle and so on knowledge, health care pillow under The following content is provided by home textiles factory, for your reference. Health care pillow historical records, the history of China's health care pillow history: ancient famous doctor hua tuo, sun simiao had 'wen xiang illnesses' theory, to drug pillow for head, neck the disease. Li shizhen of the Ming dynasty in the compendium of materia medica also has repeatedly referred to the principle of drug pillow cure. 'Compendium of materia medica' records, chrysanthemum qingrejiedu, liver. Anal sex cold, over the years, have to clear the air of heaven and earth, and there are liver, improving eyesight, detoxification, wind, etc. Clear heat. Therefore, improving eyesight multi-purpose huai chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum qing not only has the air of faint scent, make people more, and has a bright eye, prompting fashionistas, can alleviate eyes are dim, dizziness, headache, etc. According to records collection: shen nung sleeping pillow called 'grass bouquet shennong pillow'; Pillow 'xuanyuan huangdi sleeping pillow yue:' heaven and earth; King wen of zhou, ji fa sleeping pillow called 'materia medica avoid ailian pillow'; The emperor's sleeping pillow called 'materia medica ruyi pillow'; Lao tzu's sleeping pillow called 'materia medica harmonious pillow'; Confucius's sleeping pillow called 'materia medica wise pillow'; The records of the sleeping pillow called 'hundred blossoms' longfeng pillow; Numerous emperors names, princess queen, saint sages, pundit, celebrities, better with herbal medicine health care pillow has the indissoluble bond. The principle of health care pillow according to its principle of work can be divided into physics and chemistry. Health care pillow therapy principle of two aspects, namely the modern 'prevention and rehabilitation medicine' and the theory of traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health. Can be summed up in two types of physical therapy principle: 'physical structure rehabilitation principle' and 'natural plant therapy principle' physics is to point to by the shape of the pillow ( Back to the pillow) , the material of the pillow ( Such as: jade pillow, memory foam pillow) To protect the cervical vertebra, improve sleep comfort to reach the nerves, such as the functions etc. Chemical principle is to show through aromatherapy, or compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine theory to Chinese herbal medicine or aromatic plants, to fill the pillow with the natural plant, using the natural volatile aromatic substances in the pillow, due care after being absorbed by human body. Specific can tranquilize mind, fall blood pressure, and qi resolve depression, and so on. For cervical vertebra health, modern medicine thought mainly from the Angle of physical therapy is effective. Adding natural plant health pillow from the nerves, help sleep.
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