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by:TONDA     2020-05-13
Cassia seed sex sweet, bitter, slightly cold. Cassia seed can clear liver bright eye, water purge. Treat hepatitis, liver cirrhosis ascites, high blood pressure, infantile malnutrition, night blindness, wind hot eye sore, habitual constipation. The effect of semen cassiae pillow semen cassiae pillow and what is the effect to human body? Grass cassia seed bright eye, runchang purge efficacy, especially in semen cassiae pillow, semen cassiae is medicinal herbs, is the seed of leguminous annual herb plant tree. Sweet, bitter, cold, into the liver meridian. Has clear liver bright eye, step-down and reduce the role of serum cholesterol. External use as pillows with raw semen cassiae 3-4 kilograms, cloth bags into a pillow. Cassia seed small cold, slightly green grass fragrance, pillow sleep smell smell, like sleeping on the grass. Its seed is hard, but also to the head and neck acupuncture point massage, so the liver Yang syndrone caused have a headache, dizziness, insomnia, cerebral arteriosclerosis, cervical spondylosis, etc. , has the auxiliary function. Cassia seed, also known as cassia occidentalis, is the apple of the eye, shit beans, mung beans, water chestnut, senecio. Cassia seed has clear liver objective efficacy, attending liver hot red eyes, the wind hot red and liver and kidney Yin deficiency, dark unknown, also has runchang purge efficacy. According to legend, in ancient times there is a sophisticated, though is over hundred years, but the body healthy and alert lady. So many magic which people compete to seek, the old man said, there is no magic, just often feed semen cassiae. Modern pharmacology study confirmed that the active components of cassia seed contains has antibacterial, immune regulation, anti-cancer, fall blood pressure, blood fat and improving eyesight purge role. On staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, pneumococcal and so on all have different degrees of inhibition; By acting on the vagus nerve, which have the antihypertensive effect, equivalent to that of traditional antihypertensive drug reserpine. By catharsis can reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, and can feedback regulation of low density lipoprotein metabolism; Can prevent myopia and senile cataract and other eye diseases. Health care pillow use note: more than one, put in the drug pillow is medicinal materials, in the tide has gone mouldy. Therefore, attention should be paid to keep dry when using drug pillow, often will drug pillow sun is basked in the sun, don't let the drug pillow is the root of the disease; Second, the role of drug pillow is implemented with drugs, when used, it is best to 'symptomatic with pillow, according to the actual circumstances of the body to choose the right drug pillow. Low cassia seed has the effect of qinggan mingmu runchang purge. Medical certificate: cassia seed contains tree element, vitamin A and so on, has the protection of optic nerve, blood pressure, fall hematic fat, regulating immune function, etc. Low semen cassiae pillow cotton with polyester fiber as raw materials, to dry cassia seed pastry filling, carefully recorded. Can use both sides of low pillow core, using no semen cassiae bag side, meet different needs. Low extracting cassia seed bags, air is basked in, easy to wash. Process: the choose and buy to screening and washing, drying and sterilization - ingredients - fumigation - drying - > fill - finished products, strict production process of the core material, plus the patented technology of pillow core making and B type design, its health pillow is not only a genuine natural green products, but also to the human brain, heart, cardiovascular, and cervical part repair of massage therapy for health, make human body rehabilitation, meridians, promote the blood circulation, step-down cooling, so as to improve the function of the intestines. Its seed is hard, but also to the head and neck acupuncture point massage, so the liver Yang syndrone caused have a headache, dizziness, insomnia, cerebral arteriosclerosis, cervical spondylosis, etc. , has the auxiliary function. Cassia seed natural physical therapy USES more, at the same time are widely used in the step-down, aperient, weight loss, and other fields. And semen cassiae cool sex, use special comfortable in summer, especially in accordance with the basic physical therapy of TCM 'cool head hot feet' theory. Baby semen cassiae pillow pay attention to the problem: semen cassiae pillow is generally recognized as good but for newborns and infants? Semen cassiae pillow, please? 1, the baby in semen cassiae and comfortable? Not very hard? It is very hard particles, pillow is a little hard, so do the pillow with single layer fabric is no good, had better be in internal top with a layer of cotton fabrics is stuck up a layer of cotton, soft, and comfortable, but the family is bad to do, to pillow network had better see recommended professional children pillow, oneself do multi-layer fabric also! 2, buy cassia seed treated with what to need? Pillow with cassia seed, cassia seed do many pharmacies are stir-fry, why buy from pharmacy of cassia seed a strange smell? Because and stir-fry until done. Buy cassia seed to need to go through any processing? Best washing clean application again, give the child with cassia seed to clean. 3, baby with cassia seed in summer? Experts advise: might be too cool! Cassia seed, its feature of summer cool summer do use of semen cassiae pillow especially comfortable, especially in the pillow surface is introduced online based therapy 'cool head hot feet' theory of TCM. But generally experts will tell you: semen cassiae pillow for adults are the best, cassia seed negative heavy, belongs to the cooler of traditional Chinese medicine, so it's not good to children in semen cassiae alone, all application of cassia seed filling pillow especially newborns is not good for babies. Pillow experts have been prompt, not all best for newborn pillow with cassia seed, not can use, but with the part, with a sandwich special cotton fabric, it is better to add the modelling of cotton double structure, some caution experts warned the baby filled with semen cassiae pillow and best buckwheat shell excrementum bombycis mixed filling, had better be compound, cassia seed + buckwheat shell, due to the flexibility of buckwheat shell is better, let the child more comfortable and safe.
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