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by:TONDA     2020-04-13
Shijiazhuang spinning le home textiles small make up in the day before yesterday is brushed weibo, see out of the sheets. Small make up thought finally had a home textile related. It opens at just looked at it. Open a look, this is really scare small make up. Sheets unexpectedly there are so many dirty things, there are 5. 5 jins of sweat. Frighten small make up immediately to wash the sheets! ! Small make up when reading comments is really angry and funny! Few words, said above to you! Ha ha ha ha, you these comments is to want to laugh die me, good to inherit my ants spend bai? Smile to smile, but about the bed sheet or want to friends with. No 5. 5 jins of water with you. Amen. Sheet is every essential supplies, and each is more than a family. Usually when we make the skin itching, skin allergies, skin long blain blain, can think of is food, clothes to cause or toiletries, but neglected the sheets. People about a third of the time is spent in morpheus, the sheet is the most frequent contact with the body of the supplies, in the process of the contact, the sheets are exposed to bacteria, dust, if not timely clean, so to reproduce on our skin, and a health hazard. We are ordinary people, sweat in bed would flow out every year about 200 jin, 10 days, there will be 5. 5 kg ( 200/365 * 10) The sweat ever stay in sheets. And wet, warm conditions is a hotbed of bacterial growth. Not only that, the sheets were residual skin of human body metabolism, grease, saliva, as well as dust, urine, feces and so on. This sheet is in 'torture' for skin, and as breathing during sleep, sheets of microorganism, bacteria, fungi will with breathing into the body, but also to the health of lung. According to the survey, the use of the 1. More than 5 years of pillow, which will contain 4 - 17 species of fungi, but with the passage of time, the fungus and dander can also more and more, there are eight hours a day, the body will contact with these substances, and as the breath into the body. 1 sheet not to wash easy to induce several diseases. Fungal infection. More than a week didn't wash the sheets, tens of thousands of more bacteria than a toilet handle, susceptible to respiratory infections, tinea corporis, tinea unguium. 2. Blain blain. Often do not change the sheets, like not serious face, prone to acne, skin aging and skin conditions such as pimples. 3. Eczema, ulcers, mites, etc. How often do the clean sheets? If it is like to sleep naked, sheet like pajamas, need about 3 days. If not sleep naked people, generally recommended cleaning once a week, the winter may be extended appropriately cleaning time. Besides the sheets, however, a variety of products need to be replaced periodically in the home, suggest 2 - general towel Replaced every 4 months, toothbrush replaced every 3 months, 6 - a pillow Replaced every 12 months. Said all say to this, by the way to make a advertisement, shijiazhuang spinning le home textiles is a specialized production of bedding sets, bed sheets, quilt, pillow, curtain, and undertake customized school, hospital bedding suite. Style diversity, meet the demand of different people. Welcome friends to come to the choose and buy! Finally, shijiazhuang spinning small make up or to remind friends of the home textiles sheets must timely cleaning! ! !
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