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by:TONDA     2020-05-11
Sheets should be how to wash? Perhaps many housewives will be very strange, wash the sheets is not like to wash the clothes. See below, I think you should be able to understand, how to wash. How often do you and your family will wash the pillow towel, bed sheet, bedding bag? If the answer is more than a month, that may be your bed was full of invisible dust and bacteria, over time, there will be allergic disease. According to expert introduction, generally people spend at least a day - 7 On 8 hours of sleep, each 200 ml of sweat from the party for all kinds of bacteria breeding on bedding provide a hotbed. Generally speaking, the pillow towel, bed sheet, bedding bag with all sorts of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa cyst, if not cleared of these bacteria, is bound to spread all kinds of diseases, harm to human body health on a clear day, suitable for drying, it is recommended that you immediately to a purge of bedding in the home, and then take out to dry, using the sun's uv rays to sterilization. At the same time of change bedspread and sheet, might as well use cleaner or small wet dishcloth, by the way, wait for the scurfy, hair that remains on mattess clear clean. If with besmirch, usable soap dirty place, reoccupy does cloth to clean, dry wet stained or use a hair dryer, won't mildewy, produce peculiar smell. Conditional word, can add a layer between the mattress and bed sheets cleaning pad. Special embedded in the cleaning pad of cotton layer, prevent humidity to enter mattess can, clean and dry, in keeping with the mattress and guarantee warm and absorb sweat function, and easy to clean. In addition, still can choose and buy to contain the mattress of outer garment, this kind of outer garment contains zip, can tear open come down to clean. In addition, the new buy sheet has a peculiar smell, it is the smell of formaldehyde. In the process of the production sheet, the addition of formaldehyde is used to prevent the disadvantage of fabric wrinkle easily. So new buy sheet before use it is best to salt water immersion after washing clean again. Because the new sheets may remain blank processing carcinogens - — Formaldehyde.
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