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Silk by cleaning and maintenance to avoid into the erroneous zone Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-21
Silk by the inner tube is not allowed to wash and dry cleaning, if accidentally stuck on the inner fabric stain, use a little water to scrub, and iron the huge iron slowly dry at low temperature, but not be baptized parts contact with heat source for a long time. Silk by regular cleaning can only wash bedding bag. In the necessary circumstances, the bedding bag in careful cut wire nail wire tire surface can be removed after washing. But this is not hasty, should be done by skilled personnel to the manufacturer or, in order to avoid damage. Silk by cleaning the matters needing attention: 1, have three layers of silk, silk, inner sleeve, a quilt, silk + inner sleeve is known as the core, not washed ( Can be washed silk cool be excepted) 。 Bedding bag can be removed to wash. So have a quilt cover protection generally will not dirty inside. 2, silk is not easy to generate static electricity, so will not be the same like chemical fiber, wool adsorption of dust and dirt. Even with for several years is also very clean inside. So don't worry about it. 3, if be inside core accidentally stained with besmirch, can use neuter washing liquid is wiped dry in the shade. Their own can't handle can make local treatment to the dry cleaner. A good silk by bed, if the method is proper, can use up to 10 years. Please set the right size of bedding bag, not on the wire tire running, jumping, in order to avoid wire tire deformation, especially to avoid the child on the wire tire wetting the bed. Silk by interval should be dry, but bear in mind that exposure. Silk by use of maintenance: cover bedding bag: put a quilt cover used on the outside of the silk by, dust can not enter, so keep the silk by clean, wash bedding bag each time. Cleaning: silk by itself can not wash, if infected with besmirch, must wash, can use detergent for cleaning locally, wash bedding bag, want to use cold water, and low temperature drying, in case the fabric shrinkage. Regularly to take silk by outdoor ventilated, dry, avoid long sunlight, drying should not be more than 1 hour at a time, made of silk was deposited moisture evaporates, soft and elastic recovery. If silk by long-term need not, properly placed, can prolong the service life. A: avoid dust, the environment clean, silk covered by the above best darker fabric, in order to avoid dust fall and yellowing. Will encounter wet dust pollution silk by, not easy to clean. B: avoid moisture, ventilation, placed in a cool place, do not load the plastic bag, in case of moisture release, leading to silk by be affected with damp be affected with damp, heavier, peculiar smell, not warm, loss of elasticity. C: avoid high temperature and strong light, placed in high temperature or bright light for a long time, will cause the silk become fragile brittle silk by bleaching. D: avoid stress, folding on silk by the above do not place heavy objects, long stored, often should change the position of the fold, in case the in crease of rupture. In addition, the silk by direct contact with sharp hard object must be avoided.
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