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Silk by manufacturer said silk by 'six' - should pay attention to the choose and buy Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-18
Silk is cimc nature light, soft, fine for the integration of natural fiber, known as 'the second skin of human body' of the reputation, was the industry known as 'fiber queen'. Silk by good warm, breathable, moisture absorption, soft features, deeply the general consumer favorite. Silk by now, the market price is differ, some merchants played a 3 jins silk by only $200 advertising, consumers bought inferior silk by never showed. Silk is how to choose and buy? Jiangsu kunshan inspection and quarantine bureau of the home textiles expert gives advice at 6: see purity: 100% mulberry silk as raw materials, high quality with silkworm unique scent for top grade silk, silk with oily or mildew smell for inferiority of quality. See process: handmade is preferred. Bedding bag mouth corners or edges should have to see samples, can make consumers to view inside silk quilt quality; Don't machine quilting, can guarantee the silk by soft and breathable. See silk: silk quality should be milky white, the surface has a natural gloss is preferred, unfavorable choose bleached silk, color dark or strange luster of silk by; Silk is long and full of elasticity, the stronger the silk tensility, the better, the quality is better. See volume: the volume, uniformity, good silk quilt is preferred. See electrostatic reaction: rub mouth with raw silk sample about a minute and then let it suck cabinet, the size of a small grain of rice if can suck up the paper scraps, that is chemical fiber or mixed with a lot of chemical fiber, pure silk is does not produce static electricity. The combustion reaction: silk without delay when the flame burning, namely stop burning and flame separation, the smoke from burning is white, accompanied by the smell of burning hair, after burning ash brittle and fragile, hand knead into powder.
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