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Silk by manufacturer tip: don't understand the mulberry silk are just 'let go' - please Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-22
In the face of the market price varies of silk by, spun silk by custom experts said, you don't know or don't understand silk by, then please let go! As the weather turns cool, in the area of the bedding of supermaket silk quilt is sell like hot cakes. But the price difference of $one thousand is big, and silk brand too much, the content of the unknown, and confusing. Silk by the price decision factors on the filler. Pure mulberry silk price is in commonly 250 yuan/jin, and high quality price is about same to that of mulberry silk to be controlled in 400 yuan per kilogram, because producers to make a 2 kilograms of mulberry silk was 100%, just fill the mulberry silk prices almost for nearly 1000 yuan, plus the quilt cover, artificial cost, packing, etc. , the 100% mulberry silk is a unit price of nearly 1500 yuan to 2000 yuan, and the only producer prices, therefore to enter the price of dealers, shop have to double up for certain, if less than the cost of this price can say manufacturers couldn't guarantee. In addition, many store shelves not only mulberry silk is a silk, light as 'silk by nearly 10 kinds of the name of the commodity, such as' fine silk by ', 'silk quilt', 'silk was winter', etc. Silk by factory customized, according to experts in some silk by padding, the content of silk only 20% to 30%, some even only 10%, most of the rest of the prices are much cheaper is the feather and synthetic fiber cotton, silk, etc. There are a lot of, silk by all specially prominent 'silk' ingredients on the packaging, and inadvertently fade even ignore other than silk padding. According to a February began to implement the silk by national standards, silk content less than 50% of products are not called silk by. In addition, if the marked is 100% silk by, basic can be judged as is problematic, for mulberry silk and tussah silk can be called silk by, logo must specify 100% 100% mulberry silk and tussah silk. Don't be too authentic mulberry silk is expensive, because it is worth the price, if you don't love you 'let go', please!
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