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by:TONDA     2020-05-09
Making silk by the main raw material has 3 kinds: silkworm cocoons and tussah cocoon, in addition to the waste processing into the production of silk by short fiber. 1, silkworm cocoons, the south by the callosities of silkworm weaving, is made of silk by super raw materials. Eat mulberry leaves, so named. Major mulberry silkworm cocoon origin for south south north of zhejiang, jiangsu, guangdong, sichuan, shandong, guangxi ( Emerging cocoon production base, production lot) And other places. But making handmade silk by technology basic and only in the north of the minority areas in the south of jiangsu, special representative of tongxiang city of zhejiang and jiangsu wujiang, even if there are other areas, also won't scale. 2, tussah cocoon: northern woven tussah cocoon son, is making silk by the level of raw materials. Eating oak leaves, so named. Main production areas of liaoning, shandong, henan, sichuan, etc. Tussah silk is the biggest producer for liaoning. Tussah silk producing area is mainly in the north, so I only know a probably. 3, short silk: general is above two kinds of silk scraps from the production of short fiber, is making quilting silk by the raw materials. The quality is uneven. Physical properties of mulberry silk and tussah silk contrast: 1, silkworm and silk cocoons: silkworm to white, tussah cyan; Mulberry silkworm cocoon for white, tussah cocoon is yellowish gray, After bleaching became white silk by) 。 2, silk fineness: mulberry silk several times smaller than a human hair, tussah silk with hair thick, almost everyone can have a chance to compare with my hair. 3, silk length: he is online, tussah silk machine production, is because the length 80 cm, in most manual mulberry silk is above 100 cm. Because rigid: 4, silk tussah silk sericin, more fiber thicker, stronger rigidity, so the same weight tussah silk is fleeciness feeling than mulberry silk is better. Made of two kinds of silk silk by features comparison: 1, breathable performance: the tussah silk due to strong rigidity, fleeciness feeling good, so the permeability than mulberry silk is better, more suitable for young people during adolescence. 2, heat preservation performance: mulberry silk warmth retention property of tussah silk is slightly better than that at the same time close sex is better, more suitable for children, women, old and cold fear, use. 3, level of products: in accordance with industry standards 100% mulberry silk is belongs to special grade, 100% of tussah silk is belongs to level 1, you can go to the mall. 4, product price: bad contrast between different brand, the brand of the same class, tussah silk was due to low cost, low price than mulberry silk is a lot.
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