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Silk home textile maintenance method Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-09
Real silk fabrics is a kind of high-grade fabrics, its special raw material is silk, very delicate, for this kind of special and expensive silk home textiles, of course it is better to good maintenance, to avoid unnecessary trouble, must pay attention to when using the following points. 1, real silk, when in use, should according to different seasons to select the appropriate silk by, usually in the spring and autumn are, summer is cool, winter is three, when using, advice and bedding bag in the outside, in order to avoid silk by infected with dirt and stains, humidity shoulds not be long in the larger environment, avoid sericin qualitative change, lead to plate. Can't use silk by when the mattress, lest destroy silk by volume. If accidentally get silk by the water, should be timely to the ventilated place dry. 2, real silk is against the natural fibers such as cotton and linen, using and washing, please be sure to note will nail down flat, avoid being cut wire. Had better use silk wool detergent to wash, each big many cleaning products, cleaning not soak, when the dark silk has the characteristics of the fade, you must be aware of, please wash separately, hand wash with cold water when washing, no machine wash, suggest you dry cleaning. 3, air to try to avoid direct sunlight, strong sunshine to make silk fade FaJiu, prohibit drying, drying in the process of all shook, thus was relieved from the ironing process. How 1 washing, washing silk silk home textiles, unfavorable put the silk home textile in cold water soak too long, 5 to 10 minutes advisable. Use neutral detergent when catharsis, silk textile, must not use the washing machine wash, to hand washing, knead gently, not can use gravity knead, to prevent fiber damage. Wash good silk home textile, it is best to take water to dry, and it is in order, must not in the sunlight, this will prevent fiber strength and color fastness. Silk home textile in drying time can in turn dry, avoid direct sunlight at the same time, and not easy to fade. Silk home textile characteristic is acid-proof not alkali resistance, so in order to keep the colour and lustre bright-coloured, best before drying a few drops of acetic acid in the water, then put up the clothes to soak in water for ten minutes, and then pick it up to dry, so that you can keep your clothes color. Don't put the silk products collection in damp or direct sunlight place, lest cause mould and faded. Avoid collect will be desiccant, cosmetics, perfume, etc directly on silk. If inadvertent contamination, clean them in a timely manner, otherwise easy to become yellow or black. Deposit can smooth folded when placed in the drawer, also can hang on the smooth coat hanger, but unfavorable put camphor or naphthalene, etc. In addition, silk products after a long time, easy and hard, with silk softener or recover their soft white vinegar diluent. Shijiazhuang textile telephone: 13933843201 united people: guo jianxin The manager) Home address: hebei shijiazhuang changan area rose park east gate no. 8 shops on the second floor
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