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Silk home textile washing and dry cleaning problems that should pay attention to Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-09
Some say, real silk home textile is too delicate, someone says, silk home textile too difficult to maintain. Everything is relative, as long as we understand the composition of silk home textiles, master the methods of maintenance of real silk home textile, familiar with clean silk home textile process, pay attention to the attention of the problem, I think, you may change your mind. Silk home textile is actually made of mulberry silk home textile, this natural material with the improvement of people's material life level can be said to be more and more people like. This, of course, bedding, give a person a kind of noble feeling, premise is that you know how to clean and maintain. Small make up today about the introduction of real silk home textile. We pay attention to dry clean water to wash? 1. Silk home textile washing problems need attention: A. Do not use alkaline detergent to wash silk home textiles B. Different colors of silk home textile to wash separately, so as to avoid staining with each other. Soak and rinse time shoulds not be too long. Soak time commonly is in 3 minutes. C。 After rinsing, don't twist dry hard, also cannot use the washing machine to dry, should be facing GuaQi finishing level off, allow it to drip dry naturally. D。 Dry process should use them, not exposure in the sun. E. Please in strict accordance with the washing of the washing label on the product requirements. 2. Silk home textile dry-cleaning need to pay attention to the question: under the conditions allow, please try to use dry cleaning, the quality of the silk is not susceptible to the influence of dry cleaning solvent, so dry cleaning is the most secure way to maintenance of silk. Silk home textile dry cleaning, please pay attention to the following: A. Select normal, professional dry cleaners. B。 Stick to a stain of home textile, please send it as soon as possible. C。 If possible, tell the dry cleaning stains caused by the reasons. D。 Please let us know your dry cleaning will stain place. E. If some part of the fading caused by friction, please tell the dry cleaning, so that you can use special treatment to restore the same. Ok, silk home textiles dry cleaning and washing to be aware of problems has been finished. Or an old saying goes, 'understanding the structure of the silk home textile, master the methods of maintenance of real silk home textile, familiar with clean silk home textile process, pay attention to the attention of the problem', everything with respect to OK. In fact, this problem is not only for home textile, as long as it is precious fabrics of mulberry silk material, basically requires attention to the problem of cleaning, dry cleaning or washing.
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