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by:TONDA     2020-04-08
Cold winter, the clothes against cold air temperature change, as if also is a habitual thing, but you know what? Every winter surrounding friends frequently, allergic rhinitis and cold cold, the occurrence of these in addition to and is related to their own immunity, some small details you may ignore! ! ! Such as home textiles products purchase and daily care a little. When you go to bed every night, home textiles is a small detail place with little knowledge. Warm and comfort excellent grinding MAO is encased in a figure small knowledge? Each grinding hair type suite has a cute little feminine. Care attention: to keep hair products dry grinding suite are most afraid of wet a man's own air conditioning dehumidification open 1 - within a week 2 times, usually as far as possible when sunny window. Washing water temperature 30 degrees weak hair washing grinding suite relative to other more suite a layer of yarn, make greatly improve comfort, washing must bubble 20 - need to be paid attention to When cleaning the for 30 minutes is enough, don't talk to color shallow bed is tasted in together. Recommended in weak washing machines wash water temperature below 30 degrees, use neutral detergent, bleach, calibrate ironing in use. Reverse washing washing mill MAO must reverse washing bed is tasted, this also because grinding MAO suite features, because covered the small villi, if not for this operation, could be in grinding MAO suite a-side forming floc agglomerate.
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