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Small home textile knowledge: fabric choice - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-18
With the development of the textile industry, home textiles fabrics of organizational structure also is constantly changing. Now select the fabrics of organization structure: plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, jacquard organization. By comparing all kinds of fabric. Plain fabric: every one weft yarn weaving time, arrange dense interlacing point, both the front and there is no difference, so the plain fabric structure tightly, quality of a material is fast, but feel is hard. By heavy flat organization, longitudinal ribbed fabric surface is made of the organization; Weft rib group, the group made of transverse ribbed fabric surface. As bedding, then, is not suitable for children of the elderly supplies, for the family to buy bed is tasted, it should pay attention to oh ~ twill: on the basis of the organization, the extension of the organizations point long floating, fly or diagonal direction, changing the point for the organization or changes in combination of several methods. The original organization twill is the twill weave fabric, cloth have obvious oblique lines, handle, good luster and elasticity. Because bedding with close contact with people every day, so now a lot of high quality bedding basic use of twill weave fabrics. Satin fabric, satin fabric warp and weft yarn in fabric form some alone, each connection point of the point or weft tissue, these organizations uniform point distribution, often for another system on both sides of the sand, floating long covered. Cloth cover almost entirely by the warp and weft cover, the surface is like a slash, but I don't like twill have obvious twill line, less the number of weft yarn weaving, with smooth and shining appearance, texture is soft. Complex changes in organization: an sanyuan group, on the basis of obtained by different methods, still have the characteristics of the original group, talking with complex pattern, and its surface is beautiful and changeful. Have a bird's eye, wheat, clip flower twill weave, reed mat twill weave.
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