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Small home textile knowledge: how to choose a blanket - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-19
Shijiazhuang these days the weather suddenly turned cold, the temperature drops, spinning the small make up of home textiles looked at the weather forecast, there is rain tomorrow, it's no wonder that people are shijiazhuang didn't fall, ha, ha, ha. Now that the weather turns cool, today is the way of how to choose a comfortable blanket? Blanket generally can be divided into pure wool and blended blankets, today is a brief introduction of how to choose the pure wool blanket: since most pure wool blanket is made of wool, its advantages and disadvantages about judging from three aspects, 1. Handle: high quality woolen blanket crisp and softness, and full of elasticity, this just a touch can be identified by hand. 2. Suede: pure wool blankets blanket is not hard, hair loose and not random, covered in a blanket on the surface of the villi, Mao Bo clear. Bottom top bottom MAO must be fine and close, don't let the base cloth appear, if at the end of wool fleece, must appear fluffy grinning. This blanket affect the appearance quality and reduce the heat preservation performance. 3. Sheen: choose to see the whole blanket luster woollen blanket is natural and downy. The color is beautiful and easy, do you have any Chen Jiugan. Blanket most beautiful side, as long as the color coordination, flat, straight, neat, no broken edge or curved edge. Choose a warm blanket, give yourself a warm harbor!
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