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by:TONDA     2020-05-10
Sofa is the most comfortable place in the family, reception guests, family always cannot leave him when resting, so the use of high frequency of sofa, is easy to get dirty. Sofa cleaning and maintenance on the sofa, the variety of sofa, the sofa of different materials have different cleaning method, below to tell us how to clean the sofa set! A, suede sofa cleaning method, stick dozen 1: move the sofa cushions to outdoor, with a small stick gently suede, some dust flap will be out on the sofa, the wind blow, sofa naturally clean. 2, wet towel wipes method: if the suede sofa at home is not convenient to move, can touch water, towel and dry, with dry wet towel to wipe the surface of suede sofa, dust it with a wet towel. 3, tape paste method: wide with transparent tape, stick to the suede sofa there is dust, gently open tape, dust will stick to the tape, of course, this method is suitable for local is stained with a lot of dust, a bit more relative to the other two methods. Two, cloth art sofa cleaning method 1, spray antifouling agent: replace cloth art sofa seat cover cloth art, can be on the surface of cloth sprayed with a layer of cloth art antifouling agent, can reduce dust stained cloth art sofa. 2, bedclothes, sofa towel, blanket in the are easy to dirty place sofa sofa cover, such as cushion, armrest, head; Where above the dirty, just clean the sofa cover. 3, the vacuum cleaner: regular vacuum cleaning cloth art sofa, can effectively clean the sofa. 4, washing method: cloth art sofa sofa cover can be clean, but do not frequent cleaning, cloth rub off, shrink, deformation, etc. , as far as possible use detergent to clean once a year, thoroughly clean. Three, leather sofa cleaning way 1, dry cloth to wipe method: if the surface of the leather sofa is stained with dust, only need to gently wipe the surface with a clean towel, wipe dust. 2, leather polishing method: surface hair black leather sofa to use for a long time will have a feeling, can dip in water to wipe with a clean soft towel sofa 2 times, to be fast when the sofa leather surface evenly daub leather polish, make sofa surface if brightness is new.
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