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by:TONDA     2020-05-10
First of all, can use dry towel pat at ordinary times, vacuum at least once a week. Should be for cloth sofa regularly vacuuming, if can best weekly, the armrest of sofa, cushion is easy dirty, should be nice sofa towel on the shop or on a large towel. Sofa armrest, back of a chair and gap must also take into consideration, but when using a vacuum cleaner, do not use brush, in case of damage of textile cloth woven wire cloth and made fleeciness, more to avoid extra large suction to suck, a move that could lead to knit line was broke, may wish to consider using a small vacuum cleaner to clean. In addition, the wear-resisting than leather sofa cloth art sofa, it is best to avoid the old in the same position. If found loose thread, do not break it with the hand, used scissors to cut neatly. If removable pads, had better turn over once a week, make wear uniform distribution. Second, use cleaner clean sofa once a year, but later must put detergent wash thoroughly, infected with dirt more easily otherwise. Had better choose specialized detergents containing antifouling agent. Sheath of cloth art sofa general cleaning. The elastic sleeve might as well in the home washing machine, the larger cotton or linen jacket can get laundry services. Some should be paid attention to when ironing sheath elastic sheath is easy to dry from iron, want to consider the appearance of the fabric, even to iron and ironing sheathed inside is suitable, cotton sheath should be ironed.
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