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by:TONDA     2020-04-09
Change garments according to the, the sofa in the home should also do some cleaning. But how to cleaning will not damage the sofa? For deep cleaning cloth art sofa, generally divided into the following steps: first, carried out on the sofa surface dedusting, reoccupy professional brush to add thick scrub surface more stubborn dirt of sofa. With professional washing machine of the second sofa then scrub, combined with the special disinfection, decontamination agents steam to kill mites, sterilization, was carried out on the sofa with comprehensive blot moisture suction machine, finally spray dust cleaner, waterproof and dustproof effect in order to achieve. Sofa maintenance tips home textiles manufacturers to remind, in addition to regular ask professional cleaning, sofa also need to add daily maintenance. Today, home textiles manufacturers to introduce a few small doohickey. 1. A week to cloth art sofa regularly vacuuming. Be careful not to brush with suction, which can damage textile cloth woven wire. Can be fitted on the vacuum cleaner suction head, sector will be attractive to strong, to remove the dust in the thin seam sofa. No matter use which kinds of means, the armrest of sofa, cushion and cracks are needs to clean the parts. When sofa surface is stained with besmirch, usable and clean dishcloth dips in water or sofa special cleaner is wiped from inside extroversion, and remove the stain. 2. Put the sofa cloth remove the cleaning once a year. When cleaning use of cleaner must be thoroughly washed away, or sofa will be infected with dirt more easily. When the weather is fine, might as well will cushion, cushion for leaning on, such as get the sun insolates, dehumidifying sterilization. In general, a sheath of cloth art sofa can be washed. Among them, the elastic sleeve can be cleaned in a washing machine; The larger cotton or linen jacket, can get laundry services. But clean and not tear open outfit of cloth art sofa, had better look for professional cleaning company.
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