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by:TONDA     2020-05-12
Want to choose a soft close skin sheet, colorful bright bedding bag, or a set of like suite, but it is easy to be a lot of nouns halo around - — To look at fabric textile small encyclopedia, find the most suitable to skin bed is tasted! MAO MAO: grinding speed warm suede, warm, soft wool grinding process is refers to the use of sand skin friction on the cloth, in cloth on a layer of fine grinding out fluff. Only longer combed cotton fiber, can withstand MAO grinding process. Grinding MAO bed is tasted especially suitable for use in the winter, than the average bed is tasted more soft and warm. Grinding hair will not fade or pilling products, the quality and price is generally higher than that of cotton fabric are many. Satin: break through the ordinary cotton textile technology of plain and twill in ancient times, satin drill will be rendered as a fine tribute to the emperor, it is thus named. fabrics, warp and weft at least once every three root yarn to interweave, weave the satin weave and thick, fine, feel is exquisite and lubricant, extremely rich luster on the vision. Jacquard: about jacquard weave out design decorative pattern, the characterized by open content, have been mentioned: 'whoever damask with jia lake, export, water, kan-ssu as classics, is at one's discretion afresh, don't care a breakout. 'Is jacquard fabric with warp and weft crisscross, weave is concave and convex decorative pattern in the end. In the ancient silk road, Chinese silk is famous in the world in the form of jacquard weaving. Modal: from natural ju wood, soft and silky Modal is also called the Modal, with natural ju wood as raw material, spinning process, feel is exquisite, soft and silky, like the body's second skin, only commonly used in the production of high-end lingerie. Tencel, natural plant protein fiber spinning, elegant Tencel is a Chinese translation of Tencel, 100% came from natural plant protein fiber, the finished product has soft drape, breathable moisture permeability and the characteristics of simple but elegant luster, feel is very soft delicate. : a leading producer of long-staple cotton fiber is soft and long, close-fitting more comfortable long-staple cotton named due to long fiber, also called sea island cotton, growth cycle is long, need to absorb more calories, often used for spinning combed yarn, combed cotton sewing thread on cone and fancy yarns.
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