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Summary - hometextile fabric knowledge Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-15
With the improvement of living standard, now the domestic demand for home textile product family is becoming more and more attention, when buying house room products in addition to the style and color, quality is one of the focus on the main factors, the quality of the different fabrics, feel is, comfort is different, so the knowledge of home textile fabric is also very necessary, let us together and see it. fabric types and main characteristics of 1. Cotton: natural fiber, contact with the skin without any stimulation, no harm to human body, hygroscopicity and permeability are very, but easy to wrinkle. 2. Polyester/cotton blended yarn, smoothness and tear resistance are good, not easy to wrinkle, but easy pilling, prone to static electricity. 3. Viscose fiber, low hygroscopicity, permeability, drapability are good, but the shrinkage and wet processing strength is poor, wrinkle easily. 4. Polyester: poor hygroscopicity and air permeability, surface easy cottony ball, often produce electrostatic reaction, conformal sex is good, high tear strength, wear-resisting durable, smooth surface, good gloss. Pattern of design and color of home textile fabrics are often made of printed or jacquard process after printing fabric was woven cloth, printed flower again, can have a variety of choices, and at the time of the weaving jacquard fabric is woven, cloth can no longer choose spent after forming. Is one of the more upscale some of jacquard, can put forward the design requirement for cotton yarn is high, the quality of cotton yarn can't put forward the design of molding, jacquard weave twill plain jacquard and jacquard. Choosing home textile fabrics to choose handle, hygroscopicity, tear resistance, abrasion resistance are good fabrics, can produce excellent comfort of high-quality home textile products.
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