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Summer cool article of bedding manufacturers and maintenance tips - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-14
A third of the time in bed, sleep and the health of human body. Sorching summer, home textiles wash protect became the daily things, today, spinning for the small make up to bring you home textiles summer deep sleep wash protect common sense, and hope to bring you a comfortable and cool summer time. Cotton summer was one, before use, first rinse water, washed off on the surface of the pulp quality and printing and dyeing floating color. 2, when catharsis, the neutral detergent into the water temperature 30 ℃, after waiting for detergent completely dissolved, add bedding, soaking time shoulds not be too long. Third, pay attention to, light color products to wash separately with dark products, to avoid staining with each other. Fourth, after cleaning, dry it in outdoor ventilated. If use the dryer, please select the low temperature drying, temperature not more than 35 ℃, it can effectively avoid excessive shrinking. Fifth, clean, dry thoroughly, folded neatly, add a certain amount of camphor ball. Mosquito nets, washing, 2 - with clear water 3 minutes, wash away the surface dust, 2 - washing powder 3 TBSP, put a basin of cool water, dissolves into bed nets, immerse 15 - 20 minutes and rub gently with the hand. Do not use hot water, otherwise will be out of shape. After rinse, hang to dry in ventilated place. Second, the collection, wash bed nets, want to use plastic bags or cloth after fold it neatly wrapped, separately store, don't put mothballs, if stored and other clothing, mothballs wrapped in white paper, on the locker corners, do not contact with synthetic fiber bed nets. Otherwise it will reduce intensity, appear stains. Mat one, before use, be stained with warm boiled water with a towel wipe slowly will place twice, don't flush, so as to avoid shrinkage and degumming back cloth. Second, the use, sleep with warm boiled water to wipe again, so can make more cool mat red in advance. Three, the collection, the application of wet cloth to wipe bamboo clean and dry in the shade after paper or the original packaging away, dry and ventilated place. Fourth, the bamboo exposure of avoid by all means, otherwise it will become fragile. When not in use, the bamboo roll up, place area outwards, can prevent mildew.
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