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by:TONDA     2020-04-08
'Like the straight bar, grid color or solid color drapes are sales very well. But there is a characteristic, on the material, young people are very pay attention to the simple sense of curtain, general snow like wool, imported water yarn, cotton cloth looks the grade of the most popular cloth curtain. 'Today's young people to choose the curtain is mostly choose' don't be too flower ', 'to see bright plain and neat, concise and spell able' curtain. Most young people enjoy modern minimalism, traditional things won't appreciate, simple and with the most popular fashion. Modern people's spiritual and psychological pressure is very big, a bit insipid and free style can make himself at home and relax. But now, the girl is like a little romantic color such as pink or rose, boys tend to be more like the colour of sky blue or turquoise more peaceful. Price difference is big full install a curtain down including Windows index measurement, low price, delivery, installation and so on several parts, typically if a total of more than three curtain installation, measurement and install merchants will offer free preferential, curtains and spare parts cost is the key. These costs generally includes curtain material of the curtain, lace, hanging ears, screens, make hole, cloth belt, etc. Lace around $10 to 30 yuan a metre, make hole is 3 yuan a commonly, you 10 yuan a cloth, curtain material and fringe is the lion's share of the expenses. Shijiazhuang home textiles manufacturers tip: according to the different fabrics, workmanship and design, curtains, window screening and fringe price also differs very big. Curtain and fringe in the pursuit of harmony, general materials, same price close, among them, the low price of a few dozen yuan and 10 yuan per square meter, high prices are up to five centuries yuan per square meter. Among them, the functional curtain generally charge is also the highest, average price in 200 yuan about one meter. 'Functional curtain in satisfy people the most basic of decorative and shading sex function, added some other new features. It USES a new technology, in providing people with convenient at the same time, new to some extent, also increased the enterprise the cost of production. It is easy to understand, its price is higher than ordinary curtain. 'Functional curtain as a new market is not too long, itself also has certain appreciation of space, to satisfy the curiosity of some higher consumption ability groups. General installation a window functional curtain down, the price fluctuates in 2000 yuan. However, shijiazhuang curtain manufacturer: wake consumers shouldn't blindly follow suit, blindly pursue the functionality of the curtain. Different curtain can satisfy the adornment effect of consumer base and shading effect, consumers in the choose and buy the curtain should be depending on their actual needs and economic ability.
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