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by:TONDA     2020-05-19
Sorching summer has arrived, the city is a large bamboo steamer, reinforced concrete panting in the sun, the tree and grass lazily motionless. However, we must follow the fast pace of city pace to get up early to late. Wish to have a party heaven and earth, let us tired body and mind rest for a while. Every day is the most comfortable home open air conditioning, in a comfortable big bed a HanTian sleep, remove exhaustion of a day also supply the energy for tomorrow's arrival. There is no doubt that we need most, is a can help us summer cool is a good sleep. So how do we choose summer cool is? The so-called summer cool are is summer cover thin, its permeability is good, good water permeability, usually without a set of quilt, wash directly. There were many summer cool by padding, such as three-dimensional crimp cotton, superfine fiber, silk and so on. Used to open air conditioning, when to sleep, the whole body relax, all the pores open, so before fall asleep will add thickness of summer cool is appropriate. Traditional summer cool is produced by some chemical fiber materials, fluffy appearance, easy to create the illusion of warm, but in fact not well absorb the warm air, not for physical storage quantity of heat, for those who sleep like air conditioning and fan, traditional summer cool is the least healthy choices. Relatively speaking, cotton summer cool will be much better. Feel good is the most prominent characteristic of cotton goods, soft and gentle, moisture absorption is strong, washable, less static. However, many people don't want to choose cotton, because cotton fabric wrinkle easily, easy shrink, poor elasticity and resistance to high temperature. Now people tend to choose fiber summer cool, the summer cool is inspiratory breathable and soft, cavernous coil form of cotton knitted fabric, it can extend in all directions, has good elasticity. Excellent wet absorption can qigong, let skin carefree breathing in the summer. Its soft and pure cotton knitted fabric with soft and elastic rubber wool, 100% of the whole quilt turn without sound, a sweeping ordinary quilt brings heavy pressure, let you enjoy the deep sleep fully relaxed. Material of cotton knitted fabric, comfortable and close, underwear and every inch of the skin and perfect fusion, bed is tasted of best naked sleep! To sleep in the cool summer is, it is a third of your life partner, a big park with exquisite craft to produce seasonal summer cool is for you, let you in the midsummer night harvested a 'sleep' collection of warm feelings!
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