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by:TONDA     2020-05-07
Abstract: in the mid to late April, the weather turned hot, you go to sleep at night, in the summer of thin is a necessity. How to choose suitable summer thin by, home textile manufacturers here to teach you a few action clever choose summer thin by, let the high quality and comfortable home textile factory in the summer of thin be accompany you spend the hot summer. First, to see. Identification of thin summer was the first to use eyes to see, to see the summer thin by tag information, understand the basic information of the products, at the same time, through the observation, it is easy to product directly make a judgment of summer thin by: if fabric is made of cotton? Skew designs? Quilting trajectory smooth? And so on. Summer home textile manufacturers of thin by leading technology, quilting, numerous designs, exquisite broad-brimmed process at the same time, beautiful and generous. Second, to touch. Touch by touch touch to feel and judge the quality of the product. In home textiles factory outlets, general guide will help customers warmly split you want bed is tasted, let the customer to bedding pattern take in everything in a glance, thin summer is no exception. Use hand touch summer is thin quilt cover, and stimulate the skin doesn't feel, with palm stroke around the perimeter of the quilt, padding homogeneous enrichment, press gently with hand quilt, the springback can be compressed in a relatively short time, finally picked up and gently rub the quilt, should feel soft and comfortable, 4 jins catties. Such thin of summer is comfortable, good quality, trustworthy, on the other hand, has the stimulation, uneven filling, pressure after springback is not smooth, important substandard summer thin by, can't calculate on good summer is thin. Third, to smell. General thin of summer is in addition to the fabric itself natural fragrance, no pungent smell. If there is a smell, may be due to the product after processing, sorting, storage of deviation to produce peculiar smell, so a slightly smell can identify, can be judged to be unqualified products. This summer, summer thin by outside home textiles manufacturer. manufacturer small make up recommend to you two different thin summer is, help you spend a perfect summer. Summer cool is home textiles manufacturers, delicate cotton twill fabrics, feel is more comfortable, and uncertain hot melt, after Mr Nano antibacterial treatment, especially suitable for naked sleep.
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