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Teach you easily cope with wood discoloration - textile manufacturer Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-23
A lot of people will choose the reason of aggrandizement wood floor, probably is the pure natural suit to the natural life of a modern city. Although enjoyed on a wood floor, but you know wood floor is very fragile. Especially in the summer, floor of wood of arch, the status of the color very much, today small make up to you, about the wood floor color? In the process of the consumers in the choose and buy you will find it, the kinds of color. Wood color change will happen, mostly because the floor, a layer of protective film on the surface of the oxidation or caused by wear and tear during use. So how to avoid these problems, which don't have to worry about color to do the aggrandizement wood floor? A, the protection of aggrandizement wood floor paint and cause discoloration of aggrandizement wood floor paint is affected by the external environment of change, make wooden floor gradually lose its luster. To this point in the floor of the light reflected more clearly. Just installed go up in the floor of light can give a person the sense of bright, but use after period of time may lose their original luster. Main is improper maintenance and cleaning method is not correct. Second, aggrandizement wood floor for discoloration caused by light color aggrandizement wood itself under the influence of external environment such as sunshine, air and discoloration. According to expert introduction, by light color is the inherent characteristic of wooden floor, the long-term use of the floor in the process of gradual change color, is normal phenomenon. If not under the intense sunlight exposure, the degree of change is often not obvious. Three, aggrandizement wood floor using a vacuum cleaner lead to wear and discoloration in clean wood floors, use less as far as possible the wet dishcloth or mop, advised to choose a vacuum cleaner suck the dirt floor, in order to reduce the wear and tear of varnish on the surface of a laminate flooring, and also can keep the floor light. Four, color aggrandizement wood floor to do, daily maintenance is very important to prevent discolouration aggrandizement wood floor, don't forget to maintain the floor. Usually maintenance to the floor using essential oils or floor wax on the floor for maintenance. From the market to buy back the floor, to the shop installs wooden floor, need to be cautious. After the began to play two or three years, at least once a year. In addition, the sitting room balcony, The balcony decorate rendering) Place such as the area of direct solar radiation, hide the light of appropriate measures can be more effective in protecting the floor color.
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