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by:TONDA     2020-04-10
Selection of home textiles many will choose pure cotton home textile, cotton material, soft, comfortable, very suitable for human body skin, permeability is good, whether for bedding or other clothes, cotton is welcomed by a lot of people. To also have the skills and exquisite pure cotton picking, today small make up to bring pure cotton home textile selection strategy and common cotton textile quotations on the market, in order to you better choose home textile is commonly used as fabrics such as pure cotton, polyester cotton, cotton yarn-dyed, all kinds of fabric has its own characteristics, the price is also different. Pure cotton feel is good, use comfortable, easy dyeing and pattern varieties in rich, soft, warm moisture absorption is strong, washable, with less static, is widely used in bedding material. But easy corrugate, shrinkage, elastic, acid alkali not, is not suitable for long time under the high temperature above 100 degrees Celsius, so cotton products best spray wet when ironing, wrinkles easily. Conditional word, after each use ironing with a steam iron products, the effect will be better. Is a kind of pure cotton fabric, yarn dyed cotton is made with different colors of weft yarn. Because the dyed before weaving, dye permeability is strong, yarn-dyed better fastness, and different color yarn fabric stereo sense is strong, unique style, bedding more than in the form of a lattice pattern. It has the characteristics of pure cotton fabric, but usually shrinkage is bigger. High density cotton jacquard fabric warp/weft density particularly big, rich texture changes, so the fabrics feel thick, durable performance is good, cloth finish high, many kinds of light color flower, very chic, are made of pure cotton fabric in one of the more advanced. In sensory ways: 1, take a look at the light heads up cloth: if cloth fuzz is straight and short fibre, uniform distribution, there are few bending of long fiber, is containing a high percentage of cotton; On the other hand, is containing chemical composition more. We usually say 'play ball', is actually a long fiber friction after a long, short fiber volume together. 2, touch if bedding bag was starched quilt cover, will be a little hard, stroke with the hand, feel a little resistance, and feel the inside of the palm absorb some moisture seems to be, this is containing a high percentage of cotton fabrics; If ventilate more slippery, so, it is not pure cotton, is usually added chemical composition in the inside of the oh. 3, smell in addition to eye hands come in handy later, also need to use the nose to smell, because of the difference of printing and dyeing process, chemical composition accumulated more fabric tend to make dye, so the four industrial flavor also is thicker, and with high cotton fabrics usually there won't be too complicated and too thin, with lighter industry they taste from the fabric material aspects: fabric: bedding of choose and buy, the first thing to check the quality of the fabric, and the true quality of fabric is its density, which we usually speak count or the yarn count, density, the higher the relative to the quality of the fabric, the better, because the higher the density of the required quality of cotton is better, feel more soft, more luster, and its production process requirement is higher also. Process: should be paid attention to when choosing bedding designs for completeness and consistency; If there are any flat-fell seam, left and right sides is symmetrical, printed pattern face lining pattern without reversing, have stripes and the requirements of the grid to the article, the lattice; Exquisite craft level off, without a needle. Filling material aspects: the essence of product mostly with hollow crimp fibers, the fiber porous and puckering, hole, the back stretch is better, now in the market high-grade products with four holes and seven holes. This kind of fiber white, warmth retention property good, permeability is strong, high compression resilience, soft, after teased, smooth, uniform and laying thickness uniform and corners, use for a long time, don't appear between the fibre and fibre from and stratification. Packaging: product instructions can use tags, labels, packing specification, instruction for use, such as form, different forms of content should be consistent, and the specifications, the composition and content of raw material, washing methods durability tags must be used pure cotton home textiles cotton textile price, quotation integrated to decide, basically see size, count, density, and brand. If it is to choose and buy cotton covered 4 times, small make up recommend general home as long as the activity of buying cigarettes twill cotton covered 4 times, 4 times the price at around $400, the quality has been very good ( As long as you buy is the real thing, has not been) 。 4 times the price of about $1000, may say that is very good in 4 times, this 4 times or in the selection of cotton, either on the design of the flower has its own unique place, is take the concept and brand route, ordinary people generally don't have to buy, of course, if you want to pursue more quality of life, is oh can consume.
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