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Teach you how to identify the bed at four o 'clock product quality - home textile plant Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-28
Pay attention to health risks, in accordance with the shijiazhuang city industrial and commercial bureau of monitoring results, some bed is tasted the dimensional changes in color fastness, and PH value of three indicators to exceed bid. That these indicators actually mean? What is unqualified bed is tasted can lead to security hidden danger? Said bao-jun wang, director of the national textile products quality supervision and inspection center, bed is tasted in PH, formaldehyde and containing azo dye will cause potential safety hazard to human health. He explained that if the PH value on the bed is tasted too high or too low, can have a stimulus to the skin, and is easy to make the skin by other bacteria. Decomposable aromatic amine of azo dye the harm of human body is the largest. According to understand, textiles use azo dyes containing carcinogenic aromatic amine, in the long-term contact with the human body, dyes can be absorbed by the skin, and spread in the body. These dyes in the normal metabolism of human body under the condition of biochemical reactions, possible reduction reaction and the decomposition of carcinogenic aromatic amine, and after activation the changing structure of the DNA of the human body, cause human body lesions and cause cancer. In addition, if the levels of formaldehyde, easy volatile because of the formaldehyde in air, and so the residual formaldehyde in textiles will be gradually released into the air. Such as bedding, curtain under natural conditions to the indoor. And because formaldehyde is soluble in water, wear clothes containing formaldehyde, combined with the body sweat or hydrolysis to produce free formaldehyde, breathe through the human body of respiratory tract mucous membrane and skin contact, eye and skin produce intense stimulation, cause respiratory inflammation and skin inflammation. Study found that after using quality journalists access to information is the dimensional changes color fastness and often occurs in the industrial and commercial bureau of several monitoring unqualified project. These are directly affect the quality of the bed is tasted and later use. Color fastness is mainly used for evaluation of bed is tasted in use or whether fade after washing, will together with laundry. Relevant standards, color fastness with nine level 5 rating, the highest level, the general standard requirement about 3, if the goods only 1 - the actual color fastness Level 2, will seriously affect the actual use clothes. Whether clothes, bed is tasted shrinkage deformation of the dimensional changes by considerations. It is a test bed category of goods under the conditions stipulated in the national standard after washing change its shape dimension degree index. If the project is unqualified, the bed is tasted, easy to change the original size after washing, we often say the shrinkage, deformation, etc. , affect the use. In quality monitoring, the smell is also will be one of all items. Bao-jun wang explains, in the process of production of bedding, in order to make the bed products achieve the effect of flame retardant and antistatic, will add some additives in the processing process, but if the rinse is not in place, there will be some chemical residues, lead to bad breath. In accordance with the national textile product basic safety technical specifications ', mildew, high boiling range of petroleum ( Such as gasoline, kerosene) Taste, smell fishy smell, the smell of aromatic hydrocarbon and so on four kind of is forbidden in the bedding or clothing. Smell the ceng is good or bad while ordinary consumers cannot by some methods to identify the product quality, but bao-jun wang said, there are also some simple method can say no to some bad products. 'First of all you can smell. 'Bao-jun wang said that as long as the smell of products, it is best not to buy this product. Second, you can take a look at the color, suggest not to buy some product color bright or dark. Generally speaking, red, black clothes are more likely to contain azo. In addition, some design many bedding also be wary. 'General design by adhesive on clothes, which contains formaldehyde is the possibility of more. 'Also can use wet cloth to rub a rub on products to buy, if it is found that rub off, that color fastness is not very good, also had better not choose such products. Don't superstitious special function on the market at present a lot of bed sheets, quilts are put on the cloak of high-tech, such as antibacterial, anti mite, etc. , these products are really effective? Bao-jun wang believes that these functions more is the enterprise for propaganda purposes, these special features is not actually necessary superstitions. According to introducing, in general, the bed is tasted antibacterial focused on escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus or calls aureus. But these fungi in life frequency is very high, people may have on the body, is not very unsafe. E. coli only eat into the mouth, human health will be affected, so for the bed is tasted, antibacterial is not much meaning. For some anti mite bedding, experts still believe the composition of the majority. Bao-jun wang believes that mite almost everywhere in life, even if the bed is tasted do anti mite, other location without anti mite is still not make sense. As long as the bed is tasted washed frequently change frequently, often ventilated, basic don't need to use anti mite bedding.
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