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by:TONDA     2020-05-25
Every day we say 'dirty' cotton cushion harm people's health, but do you really know what is 'dirty' cotton? Even if he saw you can tell? It harms human health, now look in shijiazhuang textile processing plant together with you. Alleged shoddy cotton cushion means with fibrous industrial scraps, medical fibrous waste material, renewable fibrous material, clothing and other waste scrap fibre products such as fiber filling production cushion. Including ordinary cushion, sofa cushion and car seats, etc. , according to reports, used car MATS shoddy cotton. Because these substances have unreasonable factors, endanger human body health of raw materials do not conform to the GB18383 - 2001 requirements. So all are strictly prohibited for production and processing fiber products. With provisions of the state standard: can use level 6 or above raw cotton and chemical fiber and their mixtures. Do not allow the bleaching or take color; Do not allow the use of industrial scraps, old batting, medical and living garbage made of renewable cotton wool. Generally can not meet the specified requirements are often called the 'dirty' cotton. And use these raw material to produce the cushion, can be called a 'dirty' cotton cushion. Rights unit warning that 'black heart cotton' car MATS dust emitted for particulate matter, will be through the respiratory tract into the lungs, such harm of short-term symptoms were cough, asthma, chronic inhalation can cause severe respiratory disease. Adhering to the 'black heart cotton' bacteria and by bleaching substances such as benzene class, may make the infection of the different body. Medical experts point out that the human body skin contact after the 'black heart cotton', will be affected by different levels of stimulation, light red spots, itching, or lead to psoriasis and other skin diseases. Distinguish method actually very simple, three touch four than a smell of 2 see. Smell is to see if there are any special odor, is to look at the color of the cushion inside, touch it feel, to see whether smooth and elastic, than the price, do not figure a cheap, endangering their health.
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