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by:TONDA     2020-04-19
What kind of fabric is worth dear friends home textiles products attaches great importance to the problem, because the fabric like our intimates, to skin for a long time to contact with us, so fabric quality can directly affect our skin home textiles products. There are a lot of material in the daily bed is tasted, one of the most popular cotton, linen, wool, silk, etc. But those from store employees mouth the 7788 professional nouns, believe dear friends are all a little dizzy feeling? Small make up spread some cotton cloth basic common sense here for dear friends! First let's look at being accepted by modern people cotton fabric. Because of natural cotton fiber has good close skin resistance, good wet absorption, safe, comfortable, no stimulation, but also have a biggest drawback is often shrink after washing. Aimed at the problem on the market in recent years, promoting a kind of pure cotton cloth, updated version - Combed cotton ( CombedCotton) 。 Pure cotton combed cotton is higher quality, in order to remove cotton comber in short fiber ( Below is about 1 cm) Remove, leaving a long and neat fiber, and in addition to the combed cotton fiber in various impurities. Fabrics texture than ordinary cotton to meticulous smooth, elastic, air permeability and water also want more prominent, the mainest is washable and durability than ordinary cotton, and fluffy texture delicate, contact with the skin feeling delicate and refreshing.
Professional home textiles suppliers also understand that when you're working with home textiles suppliers product, it's important to understand that quality of quilts & comforters always matters.
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