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by:TONDA     2020-05-10
Quilts, pillow with a lot of people rectified, found a problem: ready to wash the quilt, pillow top pieces of zone and, in particular, could not wash in the conventional way, how to do? First of all, we must understand, quilts, pillows what is the cause of the upper zone, in order to suit the remedy to the case. Zone of reason is that we go to bed every night when the metabolism of lactic acid, fatty acid, protein, water, saliva amylase with white fabric produced by chemical reaction. Said one words: sweat, saliva, and fabric mixed together. How to do? Always can not use the half a year's quilt, replace it? If you are a casual person of life, don't need to pipe it, but if you are a little 'virgo' plot, will think of some way to it. Method one: taomee + orange skin retain water to wash rice water or the orange peel into the pot cooked in water, the yellow on the pillowcase of the rubbing can easily to restore its pure white. Method 2: soap to wash first exposure method, to play it again soap, into a clean sealed transparent plastic bag, and the sun for two hours and then rub rinse. Method 3: beer + blue ink wash first, after half basin of water; Pour water and beer by 2:1 into; Drip into the third cover with blue ink, slightly blue; Put clean the yellowing of bed is tasted in the basin, soak for half an hour; Rinse clean it with clean water. Method 4: lemon juice or white vinegar, citric acid, alkaline and characteristic is can go to a yellow, acid and alkali neutralization; Really makes the quilt, pillow residues of some residues and yellow marks can be cleaned away. Method 5: spinach water soaking method put spinach in scalding hot water, remove the spinach, spinach with water to knead clothes, then soak for 10 minutes, then wash the clothes clean. Simple method is to use 84 disinfectant soaking, fabric is a little damage, but this way is not recommended this way, my wife is in an 84 yesterday. Well, don't say, I went to buy a rub garment board.
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