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by:TONDA     2020-05-14
A drying time shoulds not be too long, too often 1) The best drying time is 11 PM to 2 PM, usually cotton fiber three four hours in the sun will reach a certain degree of inflation, has received very good drying effect, and the drying time is too long, too many, will lead to cotton fiber shortening lead to fall off, bedding cloth will be discounted. 2) Especially duvet bedding and wool bedding, because their material oils, chemical change will happen after exposure to such substances, produce peculiar smell. 3) And silk after exposure to break down the protein in the material composition, produce the consequences, such as discoloration is cracked they just put in dry ventilated place out one or two hours. B is not in the outside both 1), When drying is best was face to the sunshine. The material of protected quilt cover 2) Let the direct contact with the department to receive the best dry effect. If you consider the dust fall too much, used to put the quilt cover, should be covered by the surface a layer of thin cloth, protection, especially the chemical fiber fabric quilt not high temperature baking. C finished drying avoid flap forcibly 1) Cotton fiber is thick, short, very fragile, if flap forcibly with the stick will cause fiber fracture into dust ran out of cotton dust. 2) Bedding made of synthetic fiber, because the material is fine and long, easy to deformation, once the flap, fiber squeeze harden apart can't recover. 3) Duvet cannot beat more, otherwise, feather fracture into tiny dust 'feather', heat preservation effect inevitably affected.
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