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by:TONDA     2020-04-10
Shijiazhuang spinning le home textiles recently there are a lot of customers friends in distress for home baby pillow of choose and buy! Don't know what good, today small make up of the happy home textiles began to focus on the considerations of neonatal pillow of choose and buy! First baby every day, most of the time is spent in morpheus, the various parts of the body organ has not fully developed, so the baby need to be cautious when selecting pillow, baby pillow is related to their health and development, this is absolutely not ignored. Baby generally in 3 months after the start learning, cervical spine physiological bending began to appear, at the same time, with the development of body, shoulder will be widened gradually. In order to maintain sleep physiology to bend, keep your body comfortable, is necessary to use a pillow, otherwise, will affect the baby because of low head and the normal development of sleep. 3 - 5 months baby cervical segment began to bend forward, this time in order to let the baby breathe easy, comply with the growth of his body, you can use 1 cm high pillow, of course, also can instead of cotton towel, towel (about 1 cm of height; 3 ~ 6 months baby, the most reasonable pillow height should be less than 3 cm; After 6 months can be appropriately raise the pillow height, in 3 ~ 4 centimeters advisable. Baby fast growth, metabolism, the head sweat more, sleep easy to wet pillow, sweat and dander mix, it is easy to cause skin infections diseases. So baby pillow must moisture absorption, breathe freely. Pillow core padding it is best to use natural non-toxic, no smell of the pillow core, such as: buckwheat husk, tea, chrysanthemum, etc. In addition, the new memory cotton pillow core filling material has good elasticity, breathe freely, high plasticity, reduce pressure head holds up the head, is a good choice for the pillow core. Warm reminder: remember not good baby pillow, the baby in the growth period, the skull and other skull is soft, long-term use hard pillow can cause the baby skull deformation, severe cases will look face big and small face, head, can appear even depression.
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