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by:TONDA     2020-04-14
The temperature is falling, thick quilt stood idle. For does not affect the quality and service life of the quilt, collect quilts also speak technology, according to the different material with different methods. Each friends before receiving home textiles will take the quilt to bask in the sun drying, but how to scientific bask in quilt, you know? Do not insolate feather down, wool and wool can be dry-cleaned, but not in the sun exposure. Can choose in a ventilated dry, put the quilt in reach of the direct sunlight, air one or two hours can reach the effect of sterilization dehumidification. Silk by light tan an hour can silk quilt good permeability, soft, feel comfortable, even in the winter can also be used. This quilt cannot be washed, usually on the balcony bask in an hour or so, dehumidifying sterilization could be achieved. Fiber was washed shoulds not be too long and fibre is dry water can directly into the washing machine to clean, can be washed by hand in cold water, but when catharsis, knead can't use washing powder weight, want to use detergent, and washing time not too long, and a half hours advisable, washed fibre is not easy to deformation, but must be thoroughly dried, otherwise it will affect the service life. In addition, the silk by, duvets, wool is with sharp hard object collisions must be avoided.
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