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by:TONDA     2020-04-02
Spinning le home textiles small make up today about bedding on the knowledge of filling material. Bedding filling material: 1, filling material used for filling in the bedding material. The traditional filling material is mainly for cotton, there are a few areas with some natural materials such as chrysanthemum, buckwheat skin do pillow filling material. Traditional cotton only after pretreating, without degreasing process, extremely Yi Shangchao, with long after will knot plate mold, cover in the body, and heavy, therefore, new filling material after launch, batting soon obsolete. Now, commonly used in the urban residents are used in a variety of polyester fiber as a filler sheets. 2, polyester variety, we refer to here is bedding dedicated a full name for 'polyester hollow three-dimensional crimp staple polyester products, the material started filling material is used for toy, so commonly known as cotton and figurines. This fiber is hollow, and after high temperature treatment, the fiber crimp shaped, fluffy soft, elastic and heat preservation are very good. 'polyester hollow three-dimensional crimp staple fiber according to how much of the central hole in this and the crimp degree and can be divided into a variety of, here no longer is introduced in detail.
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