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by:TONDA     2020-04-13
Bedding is closely linked with our life, every day spent about a third of the time was the bed, so the bedding of sleep are closely linked with us, even to a large extent determines the everyone healthy body healthy. So now very many different kinds of home textiles bedding, a variety of different material and size. We in the choice of time, also want to choose according to their own furniture measure, so to ensure the perfect collocation between bedding and furniture, for we create an environment that is a good night's sleep. The bedding, the choice of size, you should first to measure the size of the bed, if the size of the bed is 1. 5 meters, so at this time we will be in accordance with the 1. 5 meters of specifications to choose bedding, at the same time, we, when choosing bedding don't single consider the quilt or is the size of the sheets, although now on the market sales of some bedding can be used at the same time as early as 1. 8 m and 1. 5 meters bed, but some spec sheets will be big, after laying in bed will appear the phenomenon of mop the floor, so that not only affect beautiful, also can affect clean sheets. In addition we are buying bedding size, also want to choose, according to the bedding bag used for commonly used bedding bag generally have double and single by two, and the size of the quilt is 220 by 240, general this size is in line with the bedding bag size, most people use the sum on the choice to consider, therefore, such ability can achieve the goal of practical aesthetics. And commonly used in bedding, pillow case and the size of the pillow also has a certain difference, pillow size basic within 50 cm, and the size of the pillow case is 74 by 48, so what size to buy bedding mainly depends on how much is your size of bed is tasted.
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