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by:TONDA     2020-04-30
Market competition is essentially to the target consumers of time, energy and financial resources, in the home textile industry, in order to make consumers loyal brand consumers, pure competition and price competition in the product technical level of the may have, is the key to improve their comprehensive value-added products and brands. But now many production oriented enterprise ignores this, often let oneself can't get rid in the abyss of competition in the red sea. So, how to enhance the home textile product added value? 01 materials using diverse functional 03 02 design innovation fashionable colour is tie-in contemporary home textile material used in the field of more and more inclined to return the idea, and designers are increasingly favor natural fibers, cotton products use the most extensive, hemp, silk, wool and other natural fiber followed suit. As abroad used in the yarn is 100% Egyptian cotton into 300 or even 420 yarn made of cotton satin jacquard bedding, children Christmas design sheets etc have been introduced; Silk bedding, gloria sofa cloth also has appeared; Hang curtain fabrics of cotton, silk products always has its place. At the same time, on the use of all kinds of core, the soft warm moisture absorption of higher science and technology products for the consumer also pursues, such as the United States 3 m new Shirley efficient warm velvet, by industry as one of the best tropical heat preservation material in the world, the warmth retention property is down to 1. 5 times, twice as much as the other high soft heat preservation material, safe non-allergenic, all can be washed, and resilience very not shrink after washing, heat preservation performance is not falling, widely praised by the market. As the improvement of people's living quality and the improvement of textile science and technology, not only requires home textiles is permeated with age, with noble and elegant, gorgeous and neutral, delicate and contracted, and emphasize on using function comfort, health, environmental protection. At present domestic most home textile enterprises widespread adoption of ultra soft, antibacterial anti mite, antistatic wait for new technology in the modern world, the catering to the demand of the international market, improve the international competitiveness. At the same time, there are many domestic textile new strength through the observation of the market and the analysis of consumer sleep pain points, research and development of various kinds of innovative products, wide praise in the market, constantly open up a new blue ocean. Such as gad xi home textile, a new category of 'structured home textile', products from the structure of the traditional home textile products on the basis of more humanized appearance and internal structure reform and innovation, hitting consumers sleep pain points, let consumers get more comfortable and thoughtful personalized bedroom the experience. And like home textile products into the more scientific and technological innovation, effectively solve the problem when sleeping damp ( Caleb xi dampproof mat) , summer mosquito bites of sleep problems ( Caleb xi anti-mosquito bedding) , winter sleep warm ( Caleb xi hygroscopic fever was) 。 Now caleb is fond of science and technology innovation products loved by many consumers. Modern people pay more attention to the way of life, their concept of decoration and grade are changing, too, started by heavy repair ( Hard decoration) Turning to heavy adornment, Flexible packaging) , knowledge level of bedroom host and culture, artistic taste, social status and so on also often can be on the colour of home textile products, style. In recent years, influenced by popular clothing, home textiles and in the style, color and pattern used clothing a lot of similarities, but trendy contracted nature. Bedding, for example, a simple cloth kind, lively simple but elegant is tonal gradually replace the traditional heavy and complicated is deep, light, warm color to move, or changes in temperature color contrast color collocation is the main color. With high saturation of bright, bold contrast with bright colors and match, a strong visual impact, is a young man's preferred style, soft and elegant powder bring romantic color changes, showed a strong modern breath is the choice of most of the white-collar. 04 material use diversification improve product added value can enhance the influence of the brand. On the other hand, the influence of the brand can also lead to a certain extent needed by consumers to buy goods. Modern society, the consumer because of information asymmetry and the limitation of the capacity or energy, impossible to each kind of product price, performance and so on carries on the comprehensive research and judgment. If a brand greatly meet the needs of the consumer oneself, the consumer will trust the brand, to improve the brand perception, to build brand loyalty. As time goes on, the brand gradually rooted in the consumers' mind, can about consumer behavior, and then into actual profit. Ascension home textile product value-added approach is all-round, believe that with the development of the textile technology and to raise the level of home textile product design can ChangYou inferior limit of home textile industry of our country, the healthy and orderly development.
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